Mr. Cohon keep NFL out, Expand CFL by 2 , bigger & bet

Why not grow our game and make it bigger and better.
Quebec city and our Capital then Halifax .

Expand by two to make it 10 an even number and expand one last time to 12 by two again. London, Victoria BC who already have a stadium.

Moncton does not have the numbers, all their concert numbers are from people from Halifax and outside. Moncton is too small.

Mr. Cohon if you read this all CfL TEAMS SHOULD DRESS UP their home field better with the CFL logo, their team logo at centre field and end zones which would display a better imgage for the leaque and their fans. The leaque has to do a much better job in marketing their product.

Mr. Cohon keep the NFL out of our country, do not allow them any chance to take away our game and the CFL and the agros. Keep them out of Toronto, go to the mayer of toronto and to the Prime Minister to stop them. Its important to remember what we have and to protect it and keep it. We do have our own professional football leaque in our own country, they have theirs in their country. LEAVE IT LIKE THAT!PROTECT AND PROMOTE OUR OWN LEAQUE & GAME. Build our game and our CFL. Make it bigger and better and please dont WAIT until to it`s too late.

                 CFL CONCERNED FAN

Lets make sure that the 8 existing teams are financially sound first before we start talking the dreaded "E" word... AND BLOODY WELL WAIT UNTIL AFTER THE SEASON , AFTER THE GREY CUP HAS BEEN PLAYED!!!!! :x

The mayor of Toronto has already stated that he understands how important the CFL is to many cities in Canada and how important the Argos are to the league.

Also, the leader of the Ontario Conservative Party, John Tory, is a former CFL commissioner. I assume if one day he becomes premier he won’t be investing any provincial tax dollars into a future NFL stadium in Toronto, but you never know.

Look, if the Bills come up for sale and a Toronto group or whatever group in Canada puts in a bid, the NFL has to look at it of course as part of just ordinary business. We'll see what happens when or if that day comes or if there is any expansiion talk. I wouldn't get too worried about it though, a long time off. In the meantime, the NFL will be holding a game each year in Canada probably and again, I wouldn't get too concerned about this and the CFL I think will gain from this and the hosting city, financially, a win-win.

Agree with the concept.
However let’s go one step further, just like the Liberal government of the day did way back in the 70’s when the Toronto Northmen were granted a franchise, legislation was passed against this American football league coming to Canada and hence, the team never played and moved south.

Bill C-22 - The Canadian Football Act

[b]The Canadian Football Act (1974) was an Act by the Parliament of Canada in April 1974 designed to block the World Football League (WFL) Toronto charter team, and protect the Canadian Football League (CFL). The move by the government eventually forced the WFL's Toronto Northmen team to move to Memphis, Tennessee in the United States. Today, there is speculation that a similar act will develop if the National Football League (NFL) tries to expand into Canada and threatens the Canadian league's existence.

After the bill passed second reading in the Canadian House of Commons, it was given to the Standing Committee on Health, Welfare and Social Affairs, where it effectively died after the Northmen moved to Memphis.

Clause 6 in the act stated that no person that owns, operates, or manages a team in a league foreign from the CFL shall play in Canada. Subsection 2 stated that no player or member of the said team shall play in Canada, therefore if the bill passed and became law, it would effectively kill teams like the Northmen.[/b]

...Victoria has a 20K seat stadium?...

Good find r3, didn’t know it was an act of legislation that happened. With the free trade agreement, I wonder if they could do something like this in future though?

THe NFL coming to Canada and in particular, is currently only a pipe dream of some fans in Toronto. The NFL Commissioner, has all but said, unless there is a significant change, the only expansion in NFL will occur in the US. He doesn't want to compete with the CFL. I don't think any team would be allowed to move to Toronto, the NFL would block it.

One of the considerations for the NFL would be fan support and market size. If there are other professional sports in the area, the NFL looks at fan support. Part of that is to determine if the market is full (can't support another professional franchise), and part is to determine if there will really be enough fan support.

Toronto has 5 professional teams: hockey, football, baseball, basketball and soccer. Hockey is the only one that consistantly sells out and makes money. While football does make money, it is not well support by the local fan base. Both Baseball and Basketball are not supported well by the fan base. And Soccer I don't know what the numbers are.

NFL in Toronto don't think it will happen.

It's only natural that a city as large as Toronto would "want it all" so to speak from some of the movers and shakers in that city, or Vancouver or Montreal also, maybe any Canadian city that has lots of money. But you don't always get what you want.

But I agree, even if the NFL wants in Toronto and some movers and shakers there, can you really see Toronto as a tough, football NFL type town? I sure can't for the most part, the city just doesn't seem to have a football personality.

they expanded their stadium (like a 9,000 seater) to 20,000 for the u20 world cup with temporary stands (looked solid). the stadium and quality of that field is world class, victoria could eventually get a CFL team. my cousins are from victoria, and i was told there is a great sense of pride in that city.. they HATE being looked at as a suburb of vancouver. A CFL team would really distinguish themselves on a national and world stage, and its not like victoria is a small place either.. metro victoria is roughly the same size as the halifax regional municipality.

I think these should be the priorities for the commissioner:

  1. Get a team in Ottawa.

  2. Determine the number of CFL fans there are in the U.S.

  3. If there is a large number of fans in the U.S., work on getting a better tv deal south of the border.

  4. Work on getting more consistent officiating.

Well temporary stands are just that, trying to use them as essentially permenent seating brings up both code and liability issues that are not that easy to get around.

Still think you need at least 25,000 seats, with 30,000 being a better bet. Having lived in Victoria in the past, I still have real doubts about its ability to be a CFL city, but I guess of all the possible places in BC, it would have to be the most possible.

If they do, it is sure well hidden! :roll: :roll:

If find out where it is Red let us know!

According to Wikipedia, Royal Athletic Park in Victoria has a seating capacity of 9 247.

For Fifa U-20, it had a capacity of 14 500.

[url=] ... Cup#Venues[/url]

9,247 paying customers will sure keep the owner in black! :roll: :roll:

Agreed. This is getting tiresome. Lets try to focus on the actual game for more than 10 seconds. Contrary to popular belief, every second fan in this forum does not have the answer to expanding the league. Also, 99% of these threads are repeating the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over...

After Victoria sold out every U-20 game, there's now talk of a USL-1 franchise.

[url=] ... y/National[/url]

The mayor seems supportive. The guy that wants to start the team has money, his dad just cleared $286M from selling his stores to Sobeys. If this guy and the mayor can get one sweet grandstand built, getting permanent seats up to 12-15k or so, and the city supports the team well, all that's needed after is another 15k seats, and you get yerself a CFL stadium.

I don't understand people who say wait til all 8 teams make money, then expand? Doesn't make sense to me.

Because if you can bring cities into the league that are already better football towns than some in the league already, how does that hurt the league?

And how does it hurt the league to increase the potential fan base, increase TV ratings, and increase marketing?

I don't get these people who are so afraid to talk about expansion. Canada is bigger then the same old 8 cities in the CFL. Maybe in 1950, but not now.

The league has to grow soon, or go stale. Maybe you people in the "old boys club" don't want new teams, but you gotta get into the 21st century boys.

We have the same conversation over and over and over and over. Which would be cool if things had changed but they haven't.

Aside from Ottawa, there is no place for a team in the near future.

Who is the multi-millionaire that has been starting all these expansion rumours? NOBODY!! The only people willing to do expansion are the people who don't really matter in the grand scheme of creating new franchises.

Unless you have millions of dollars you are willing to put for a new team and staduim, Drop it.

But that is just what I say.