Mr. Cohon 2009 expansion should be two teams Ottawa & Qu

Also Tsn shuld not be allowed to control the future of the leaque, the contract with TSN should be able to be changed with expansion to accomadate the revenues of the teams. This has to be changed that if their is 9 or 10 teams.The 8 teams have to share their TV revenue for the orginal 8 team leaque contract with TSN. A new contract should be allowed to be make to adjust for expansion. This to wrong and TSN should be willing to create a new contact under their 5 year agreement if their is expansion. This benefits TSN more then the CFL.

I believe that the expansion fees will be high (around $5 million) to make up for the new teams.

How exactly does TSN control the future of the league?

I agree with this post, Ottawa and QC would make it the 10 even teams we need and the scheduling would be awesome.
No more playing the other team including pre season some 6 times.
Home and away once thats it.
As for the contract hopefully there is a provision in the new TSN contract for 08 to increase the current well below the market place amount of $16M per year.
It should have been at least double that and if the team(s) come in well then anti up TSN.

There will be no 2 team expansion in the near future, nor should there be.

It's going to happen.

I could barely even understand that post.

This to wrong and TSN should? Say what?!?

Why should Ottawa get a 3rd kick at the can? This has disaster written all over it going back to a city where the fans are going to be very jaded when it comes to supporting a team. Their last season was only 18K and change, so how many of them are going to go back? I just dont see the team succeeding there, and the LAST thing the CFL needs is another failed attempt to put pro football back in the nation's capital.

sambo...I totally agree. It also gives the league a bad image. It looks like a bush league when you are going back to a market for the 3rd time.
I thought I just read a big chunk of that stadium was deemed unsafe and needs to be demolished?

Thank goodness the nay sayers are in the minority. With the people involved this time, Ottawa won't have to have a fund raising dinner to keep the team afloat.

First of all.......
No more expansion threads!!!!!!!!!!

Why is it that people seem to think that the CFL expands into a new city like McDonald's opens up a new Restaurants?

The CFL can not just decide to put a team in QC or London or any other city for that matter. Why? Because the CFL does not own the team. It takes someone to go to the league throw a pile of money on the table and say......"I want a team!"
As far as I know, that is not happening so to say they should put a team here or there is pointless.

Folding teams give leagues a bad image, adding them doesn't.

And you need to do more reading.

I dont know what you meant about J-93 doing more reading but

[url=] ... ml?ref=rss[/url]
The lower south side stands of Ottawa's Frank Clair Stadium are a "high risk" for public occupancy due to deterioration and "distress" in the concrete, according to an engineering report issued Monday.

The manager in charge of city-owned buildings, Barry Robinson, confirmed Monday that the type of structural fractures reported in the document pose a real risk to the public.

The stadium could have collapsed without warning, he said.

His comments came just months after the stands bore the weight of thousands of soccer fans during the FIFA U-20 World Cup soccer games at the stadium.

Robinson said he thinks tearing the stadium down, as recommended by the report, has to be done.

Repairing the stands will cost as much as building a new structure, engineers estimate.

I meant that the day after that article was published, the various ones about the proposal for the stadium and Park came out. They detailed how the concerned area would indeed be rebuilt, and there was mention of temporary seating being used if required, making reference to those used for Grey Cup.

Even the couple of councillors who are opposed to the plan are not opposed to refurbishing the stadium; they're opposed to listening to only one proposal before doing anything. They want to launch a competition for the best plan, one of the requirements for which is that Frank Clair Stadium must be retained in some form.

In other words, the folks involved in restoring a team all know this and are working around it. It's not impacting the ability to place a team here negatively.

I agree in parts...

the TSN/RDS deal should be slightly different for both TSN and the CFL's favor.

TSN should want the CFL to be a 10 team league, so there should be a provision in it that if the CFL is a 10 team league then the TV contract will be 2M per CFL team(same amount per team as the current 8 team loop will be) this would make really encourage the CFL to go with a 2 team expansion which they should and gives TSN the ability to show 5 games per week.

Now will I also agree that TSN's deal is below what the CFL could get, it is still double the last deal and TSN has shown that they are more willing to work with the CFL, CBC has had decades to step up and help promote the CFL and they have failed, so why is it that the CFL should stick with them when TSN is fully willing to make the CFL a priority?

Fair Value on the current contract would be like 24M per year or else a contract that would grow year by year from 16M in 2008 to 24M in 2012.

Back to expansion and why it should be 2 teams?

well for 1 a 9 team league just doesn't work, the schedule is very very messed up. with all the byes, short weeks, longer pre-season(without more games)
yes the CFL should have say 1 bye per team(over say a 3-5 week period mid-season) but there should not be any byes or short weeks for the first third or last third of the season.
with a 10 team loop it helps scheduling greatly, it also allows the expansion teams to become competitive faster especially with a FAIR expansion draft.

something like: each expansion team gets to pick:
1 Non-import from each CFL team(CFL teams can protect 6 NI's)
1 Import(including QB's)(Each CFL team can protect 3 imports including QB's, no more then 1 QB can be taken from a single CFL team)
Each Expansion team gets 2 picks per round of the CFL draft in their first season(so 2 new teams for the 2009 season would be 2 picks in each round of the 2009 CFL CIS draft)

The Expansion draft would work best if they were in mid January to Early Febuary(before the free agency period begins)
expansion teams should have the ability to talk to players playing out their option year(so for 09 expansion teams that means a player played his option year in 08 and does not have a new contract yet) 4-6 weeks in advance of the Free agency period

the two cities that would work best right now are Quebec City and Ottawa however if the stadium in Quebec City is not yet ready the quebec team could play on the road and teams receiving an extra home game should share a portion of their gate revenues with the extra team(equal to the amount of extra home games).


Barnes, you seem to enjoy stadium talk so much I’m surprised you’re not all over the Lansdowne Parks plans.

Too bad the diagram is not a little easier to read. But I like the idea of placing a hotel right there.

Yah right on Bank Street. It looks like a pretty well thought out plan already. And $15M a year for the city in taxes! Hard to imagine that anyone could be totally against a plan like this.

CRF, I didn't see it but that does look like a new plan.

now if only a second city like Quebec can step up with the right plan that includes the retail component like the Bombers and now new Ottawa plan do.

Get the CFL thriving long term!!!
with the retail part and if this ownership group/stadium deal in Ottawa would get full control of everything(including concession) by god they could actually do well they just need an expansion buddy(enter with another team like Quebec or Halifax)

Mark Cohon could look real good real fast if by 2010 the CFL is 10 teams with several new world class stadium and long term viability like never before.

I can't say I'm a huge fan of the layout. A big reason some people are p*ssed off at the project is that so much of the land is becoming private. They'd do better to move all the condos closer together (at the right of the picture) and turn the land in between the condos and the stadium into some kind of public park or gardens. That would placate the left-leaners, raise the value of the condos (assuming the park is well kept and the cops keep the druggies out), and it'll provide the much-needed buffer between the condos and the stadium.

Plus it would provide a place for tailgating, or at least some beer tents for people to get revved up. Toronto has the steelback streetfest, which i've never been to, but it looks nice.

Those aren't going to be Luxury condos? You would think they would be being so close to the canal and a major retail/sports complex with a park.

I'm sure there'll be lots of tweaking yet, but in the end money talks and that tax revenue is highly drool worthy for the politicians. I'm betting, if this is for real, this is the basic plan that will see a team in Ottawa with a new stadium complex.