Mr. Clutch Kicker--- Paul McCallum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


McCallum is the most exciting kicker in the league. He is the only one to put SUSPENSE into 16 yard long field goals!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch out in the playoffs BC --when the money kick is needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

Well Turkey he did all right in last years playoffs going 12 for 12 . I saw Sean Flemming miss a couple too. So what , it happens to all kickers. Name one that's 100%.

I was going to say Ben Cahoon but then I remember he missed one :slight_smile:

Paul only edit when he was on the Riders. He's been money on the Lions so far.

12 in a row...he's bound to miss one along the way.


Didn't Congi miss a 16 yarder?
McCallum with Riders for 14 years (I think) = ZERO Grey Cups.
McCallum with Lions for 1 year = GREY CUP

McCallum with Riders 12 years = 1 Grey Cup Loss
McCallum with Lions 3 years [this is his 4th season] = 1 Grey Cup Win

No this is definitely only his second year in BC. I was never one to be down on McCallum when he was here, I don’t blame him for moving, and I still cheer for him every time he kicks against anyone other than the Riders.

Go Riders!!

I would rather have McCallum as a kicker than Troy Westwood any day. McCallum got a raw real in Sask.

Sorry turkey , we are not going to dump on Macallum over here in BC because he missed a single kick . Maybe that happens over where you are but , here we know all kickers miss sometimes . If you ran every kicker out of town because he missed a kick you wouldn't have kicker at all.

Hmmm he has what all riders want a GC ring.

Its hard to see the uprights when the light reflects off a Grey Cup ring into your eyes.

Hey turkey what would you suggest we do about that miss? no doubt a truck is on the way to Macallums house as we speak , but he lives in Sask still ya know ... it takes a while to drive a loaded truck that far . Just wait we'll find it yet...

I am sure you could find the couple of guys that would do this for you. But thats hope we can put this episode to bed.

We'll stick with Pauly. We don't turn on our players and dump shit on the neighbors driveway if they make a mistake.

Why would McCallum care if Vancouverites dumped manure on his front yard?
We all know that BC s*** doesn’t stink…

You're right, our sh!t smells as sweert as a rose... :smiley:

Paul McCallum started his CFL career with the BC Lions in 1993 (injury replacement for Lui Passaglia). Later in the year he was picked up by Ottawa as a replacement for Terry Baker. McCallum found himself back in BC in 1994 as Passaglia was injured again. Later in 1994 he went to Saskatchewan when Dave Ridgway got injured. 1995 he played two more games in Ssk as an injury replacement. 1996 he started the season before being replaced by Frank Jagas. 1997-2005 he was the full time kicker only missing one game in 1999. 2006-2007 he returned to BC.

By my count 1993, 1994, 2006, 2007 equals 4 seasons in BC.

Easy solution! We take a time count penalty and move it 5 yards back!