I believe as owner of this team you need to adress your fans who show up every game and pay good money to watch your product on the field.I have been a fan for 30yrs now and have never seen anything so pathetic.Lets compare football to computers,if you make a product for your computer business that is constantly broken,nobody will buy that product.Well thats how football works,if your team is constantly losing nobody will support that team.The reason I am addressing you is because you are the owner of this team and accountability starts at the top.As a fan of this team I expect to see some changes before our next home game.Maybe you should start at the top and work your way down,nobodys job should be safe.I believe we have good players on this team,I believe the problem lays with your coaching staff.The team you have on the field is as good as any in this league.We can not wait till next year to see results,we need changes right now.If at any time you would like to go see a pee-wee football game I would be more than happy to take you,what you will see is the same offense been run by kids that your offensive cordinator is running with a pro-team.I believe your defense lost momentum last night because time and time again they stopped the Argos and the offense did nothing.How many times did our offense get over the 50yd line last night?Maybe once.In closing I would like to say I think you are a great owner,and I am very happy to see fans back in the stadium,but at the same time we need to win.Please adress us fans and explain what you plan on doing about this team,or I am afraid you are gonna lose fans and be back to square one,trying to get fans back in the seats.Football is about winning not losing and me as a fan am sick of losing,and having other citys laughing at us.Thank-yuo for your time from a long time fan who hates losing all the time. Todd King

here here Great Post

I agree with your points ToddKing, but there are so many problems that need to be addressed. The best solution is to hire the finest headcoach possible who will surround himself with assistant coaches he has confidence in. Once in place they can evaluate the players and decide who they can build a winning team around and who needs to be replaced. Obviously this has to wait for the off-season. In the meantime, what's to be done now? If the season was almost over it would be best to wait with the promise of major changes to follow. At this point there are still too many games to simply write off the season. We've paid good money for these tickets and we want more in return than we've been receiving.

I think you need to learn how to use spaces after your periods and commas so that my eyes don't dry out and turn red after reading your post.

You mention winning but I would settle for actually trying to win.
I can handle the losing - the last loss to Montreal 41 - 38 was a great game and I was proud of my team - but this "phoning it in" is too much for my hard earned money.

We cant wait till the off season to make changes,we need to do it now.Our offense is disgusting.(minor league).Show the fans your serious about winning and make changes now,not tomorrow.

ToddKing, this was 3 years in the making starting with Greg's amatuer coaching. Turning it around now would be a task no one in this organization could even remotely achieve.Sad but true, the patience of Job is needed here...and he called and said he's fed up. BELIEVE IT!

The PLAYERS have got to want to win the games- not getting new coaches or firing office staff. That will do nothing just like getting rid of Greg didn't do anything . It's up to the PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!

Just like raising good children requires good parenting, having players play good football requires good teaching and coaching. We are witnessing the residue of that at this moment.

Still waiting patiently for a reply Mr.Caretaker.

I think caretaker's done a great job with all the things that he has control over, marketing, stadium improvements, listening to the fans and many other things too numerous to mention. BUT, putting together a winning team, that's a HUGE intangible. So many things factor into a winning combination. There really is no magic formula. Throwing money at it won't do necessarily do it (New York Rangers), bringing in NFL superstars won't necessarily do it (you know who), blockbuster trades often don't pan out...the list goes on and on and that's the beauty of sports and why we love it. As for caretaker's ability to turn the Cats into a winning team? I think he's doing his best but there are no guarantees in sport and if there were maybe he wouldn't be that interested in owning the team.

Bob will reply at his time and his manner. Don't get cocky and start abusing the privilige of having direct communication with the owner of a professional sports franchise. You're not the only one wishing to hear some answers.

Would you rather be a Maple Leaf fan and only have Bob McCowan to complain to?

I like various things about this post, but I have a couple of counter points to make. If anyone cares to endulge me .. :wink:

I understand comparing the business of building a successful football team to that of building a computer. (if it doesn't work, people won't buy it etc.)

But what I disagree with is your request for the owner of the franchise to address the teams failure to win on the field. Mr. Young has fully admitted that he doesn't pretend to know the "football side" of the business but he has put in place a team of employees whom he feels gives the team the best chance to be successful. Maybe it is time to re-evaluate those people, but I don't think we are at that point yet.

You have to realize that there is no foolproof blueprint on how to build a successful on-field product. People in football will tell you it is a game of injuries, inches, luck, and various other factors. Not every team can go 18 - 0 etc. etc...

I think Rob Katz has done a good job in attracting highly skilled and high character players to the team recently and it reminds me a lot of expansion teams in other sports who struggle for their first few seasons and then turn a corner. Once you get a coaching staff that actually maximizes the potential of the players, the wins will come ... And that is something we are lacking at this point.

So I guess what I am trying to say is be patient and have some faith. Any Ottawa Senators fans around? They weren't very good in 1992 were they? How about in 1993? Jacques Martin came in and they haven't looked back ...

Rome wasn't built in a day ... :wink:

Ockham,first of all Im not getting cocky,second of all I am not abusing my privellage of having direct contact with the owner.This is the first time I have asked him anything.When he bought this team he asked myself and every other Ti-Cat fan a favour,and that is to support this team.Myself and 29,000 other fans have have done so.When good money is being spent on tickets,food concessions and merchandise,I don't expect to go watch amature ball,and that is what we are seeing.This is not an expansion team,we have one only 2 game all year,yes I agree we have good players here I totally agree.Like I said accountability starts at the top.If every time you went to the wave pool the waves didnt work,would you go back,NO.All I was asking is for him to explain to the fans what sort of plan we have to turn this team around,because if their is no plan to make changes we are in trouble.Myself I will go to every game no matter what,I just dont want to go back to the times of 12,000 people a game.If people dont start to see changes or atleast here something were gonna go back to those times.I dont believe asking the owner of a team for some answers is abusing my privalage.Like I said I think we have the greatest owner anywhere and if I insulted you Mr.Young by asking you for some answers I appologize............Todd King...

The magic formula is to build a strong scouting team, which I'm sure Bob has done here, it's just going to take time before it pays off. We're in good hands with Smitty for the long run.

Here's a thought....let's look and see who the most successful head coach is in the CFL.....Answer: Don Matthews. Maybe we should ask him what it would take for him to take over the Tiger Cats?

Todd’s right the coaching stinks and it starts at the top where you get an experienced CFL GM and let him put his own coaches in place. There is no other way to build a team properly. As far as Caretaker goes he should change his name to Moneymaker because that’s what he does best.


Thats a cheap shot.
If you can't see that the Caretaker wants a winning team you need to see an optometrist.
He's learning about football management the hard way. He'll get it done.

If an Als fan (but born and raised in Hamilton) can be permitted to get a word in here......

That WAS a cheap shot. You guys are fortunate in having an owner like Bob Young. I know of NO professional sports team, be it CFL, NFL, NHL, or whatever, where you can post online messages and have your owner participate in the discussion. Count your blessings.

But yes, your team is abysmal and something has to be done. I thought maybe you had turned the corner with that impressive victory in Winnipeg, but to stink the joint out against the Argos....that was just sad.

Ok Todd, chill out pal. We're all on the same team here. We're all frustrated like you are and need to see some accountability and corrections.

Bob has other ventures besides the TiCats. He's a busy guy and I'm sure will let us know his thoughts in good time.

If I could ask one small thing of you though, try hitting the 'enter' button once and awhile to start a new paragraph.