Mr. Banks!!!

Mr. Bank's does it again, two TD Returns could have been three and all that trash talk by S.J. Green and Duron Carter on how good Montreal was and how they were going to man handle our Tiger-Cat team, guess what it didn't work, we are a perfect 7-0
at our new Tim Horton's Field and headed for the Grey Cup again.

Great job Brandon and all the Tiger-Cat players, coaches, team and fans you deserve it!!!


For your viewing pleasure. 2013 highlights of Brandon Banks.

We didn't even need the offence today lol

Well we needed Zack Attack to get the ball to speedy B lol

I feel like Banks is starting to get a real feel for the game.

Great game by speedy B, 223 yards offence
Special teams were outstanding, KUDOS to Reinebold and all the special teams players

It takes special players to make outstanding special teams!

It's the greatest return game I have ever seen a Ticat have -- and I thought I would never see the epic Labour Day performance by Earl Winfield in 1988 be eclipsed. Brandon Banks is special!!

Oski Wee Wee,


Hey I know a lot of people hate Rod Black as a play-by-play guy - but I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. When I got home from the game I wanted to search out the highlights and this is a great exciting play-by-play call of Banks second touchdown.

And wow - what a return!

I heartily agree that Black can sell an electric play, even in a dog of a game in mid-season. However, you missed his claim early in the game that Tom Higgins was the "mastermind" of the Als' turnaround. That was a "drink ten" special in The Rod Black Drinking Game. LOL

I could really live without his extended National Hype League references with regard to certain players. It's a different game and skill set. Focus on the abilities and accomplishments of the players in "our" league more.

Not to bring it up now, Banks like your previous returners that went to the No Funners, how long is his contract with the Cats?

Gulp. Free agent this Feb.

That return is even better when you realize who is on the field.
It's not the regular punt return team, it's the "punt safe" team. Meaning that other than Banks and Sinkfield, the rest of the guys out there are the starting defence, to guard against a fake punt. Guys that don't practice blocking for punt returns all that often.

was a good return though

No matter who they put on the field, Banks ran through them like pylons. If they are defenders, they should know how to tackle. Brandon would be no different on those plays than he if was running out of the backfield or caught a pass on a crossover pattern.

Montreal's ST's have been bad for years. Yesterday was no different.

Fact is, on those three runs, the Als might as well as painted themselves orange and not moved.

that makes sense. If you look at the last 30 yards The guys "blocking" for Banks weren't actually blocking anyone lol.

Major credit for this success should be given to coach Jeff Reinebold.

There was a lot of ribbing from Als fans when Kent hired coach Reinebold to handle our ST because of the difficulty they had with defense under him the previous year.

Coach Reinebold has done an amazing job since coming to Hamilton. Our coverage has been solid and look at the returns. Brandon Banks has been great, but so has the blocking and setups for him.

Well done, sir :thup: :thup: :thup:

With credit to Bruce Arthur for this gem of a line...

"Brandon Banks could avoid a hug in an elevator full of Montreal Alouettes for, like, five minutes."

Considering that none of the Als knew how to tackle, that is possible.

Picture worth a 1000 words
He had an incredible game.
226 punt return yards, 2 for TD's
33 Rec. yards on 4 catches
35 Rush yards on 3 carries

TOTAL-- 294 yards and 2 TD's

I wasn't talking about who was on the field for Montreal, I meant who was on the field for Hamilton. We didn't have the guys who usually do all the blocking for punt returns, and Banks still scored, making it that much more impressive.