Mr Asper interviewed on Prime Time Sports

For those of you who care, Mr. Asper was interviewed on the Fan 590. Go to, scroll down and click on to Prime Time Sports then click on PTS:2009-09-18. His interview starts about 3/4 of the way through


Here's the link:

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Again, Asper starts at 30:25

Man, Asper's a good guy. We oughtta clone a few more of him!... even if we can't clone his money :slight_smile:

Can you believe there are some clowns in Winnipeg that are actually AGAINST him taking control of the team and building a new stadium?

Only in Winnipeg. (shakes head)

Anyways, here's the highlights of the interview for those of you that don't want to listen to the whole thing:

  • He’s seriously looking at using "geothermal heating and cooling" for the complex.

  • He’s also been approached by a company that sells some sort of ceramic radiant heater that’s been used at other stadiums around the world. Apparently these things are capable of raising the temperature in an outdoor stadium by 10-12 degrees.

  • The concession stands will be located in such a way that fans won’t have to miss any of the action on the field.

  • He talked about some of the advantages of building the stadium bowl 25 feet below ground level, including enhanced wind protection and achieving a lower building profile that better fits into the campus.

  • The seasonal "bubble" at University Stadium won’t just go over the field, but over the track as well, making it available as an offsite training facility for high-school and university athletes.

I just wish it was going to seat 35,000 fans for regular season CFL games instead of merely 30,000...