Mr. All-Time Roughrider

I'm looking for the opinion of Roughrider fans everywhere.

Did Kent Austin's unprecedented triumph as both a QB and now as a head coach, catapult him past other all-time fan favourites?

Ronnie played for a long time, and some still say George is the best to ever play his position. But the reality is, the franchise has won 3 Grey Cups in its history, and Kent has his fingerprints all over 2 of them. And he's the only one who has achieved success from both sides. Is that enough to make him #1 in people's hearts?

Not for me...I think Narcisse and Jurasin would be tied for my faves all the way...

Being that Lancaster and Reed were my childhood hereo's i have to say my favourite is the Little General :slight_smile:

those were mine as well

I think the Little General is still Mr. Roughrider!

I agree Sporty, its the Little General for me too, but you could make the case for both Lancaster and Reed as the faces of this franchise.

On another note, Roy Shivers is not part of this poll? :twisted: :lol: :lol: :lol:

IMO, Elgaard and Jurasin.

Thats a tough one.

George Reed ya I can go with that.

Ron Lancaster, Kent Austin - good choices.

But I can't forget what Richie Hall did as well. I loved him as a player & a DC as well.

Hay with any luck maybe next year will tell. If we would be so lucky as to repeat? Then the answer will be easier.

I think I'll defer to next year lol. I hate those tough decisions.

OK to be honest I'm leaning towards Richie, reason being is, after being out of province for several years I kinda gave up on the Riders in that I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to or watch a game. I loved them when I listened but I wouldn't go out of my way.

But after listening to a few games over the last few years (back home), I began to realize that we have something special on the defensive side of the ball. The last 2 years I've been glued to the games on the radio.

So it was Richie Hall's defense that got me excited about the Riders again. In my mind anyway.

For that reason I have to go with Richie Hall.

Although I would go with Reed if I were a roughrider fan, I can't believe Dave Ridgeway wouldn't be among your selections.

I remember FAR, FAR too many times my Lions leading in the fourth quarter only to have Lancaster drive down the field to win it for the Riders.

Yeah, where is the Shivers choice? :twisted: :twisted:

Ronnie, George and Hughie all the way!!

Richie is a good choice as well. doesn't get enough recognition

What about Henry Burris? :lol: :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue:

I still love Elgaard..and Dave Ridgway is a contender. I agree with the Richie Hall post. My parents will love Ronnie Lancaster until the day they die so I will vote for him on their behalf.

I forgot about him.....

Mods, I'd like to change my vote from Lancaster to Burris! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thats who I was going to vote for! Honroable mention would be Nylon Greene

I would say Lancaster too. Although, I have a special place in my Rider heart for #78 Vince Goldsmith (the number which adorns my Rider jersey).

I voted for George Reed, one of the best imports to ever play up here IMO.
Ray Elgaard would have to be the best Canadian ever in Regina.

Given that Austin has produced two GCs for the 'riders it really should be him. Both Reed and Lanc only won it once (1966).

On the other hand, Reed is #2 on the all-time CFL player list and Lanc is #7. Austin doesn't even get an honourable mention, though he really should.

Thats a great question Ex-Pats. Im going with Kent in this case. Its current, and Ronny just blew as a coach here. No disrespect to Ron but, Kents legacy with the organization is already up a TD on the little general. But in reality its not all about Kent or Ronny at all is it? Its about the other guys in the locker room too. Anyone would have to agree I think.