Moving up the CFL season

When moving up the CFL season consider what that will do to Labour Day. Labour Day marks the half way of the season and the start of the playoff push.

We need to make sure that after Labour Day teams still have at least 5-6 games remaining. Any less and teams might be out of the playoff race which makes Labour Day not as significant.

It’s going to be interesting to see how it changes the vibe or buzz amongst the fans.
Labour Day has always been the ‘farewell to summer and let’s down to some serious football’ for a playoff run.

Now (as you said) it’s the midway point of the season and lots of mistakes and losses can still happen for a team that won’t yet take them out of the playoff picture.

Reading between those lines, what I’m hearing is that ‘summer is still going strong & we fans should party and drink more beer at the games, because none of this is gonna hit the fan - yet.’

For me, it will turn nail biting time into beer drinking time, because I drink less when more is at stake.

Just a bad idea for too many reasons.

I am still curious where all this consensus the league states it has. All I hear is mixed reaction, mostly against it.

Are you a season ticket holder?

Not currently, but family had season tickets in Regina years ago, when winter seemed to be a heck of alot worse than now.

Also, I had season tickets in Calgary for the Stamps when I lived there.

I have also gone to Grey Cups in Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary and Edmonton. Not exactly known for being the hotbeds of winter weather.

What I do know from past discussions on this form over the years and media coverage, is that people seem to have more excuses, and use them, to not go to games during the summer months, than in the fall. Not only that, but haven't the TV ratings generally been better Labour day on?

There are some aspects about moving the season that would be pretty cool, and other aspects that would kinda suck.

Show me statistical evidence that

  1. attendance is better in warmer weather
    2.TV numbers are better in warmer weather

If someone can show me these 2 things, then I will consider this idea

This is really the crux of it--what do the actual data show?

It seems to me that traditionally both viewership and attendance peak around Sept (Labour Day), and that Sept-Oct numbers are better than July-August numbers. However, attendance often drops off in late Oct and November, especially in prairie cities.

And the weakest numbers are usually in the earliest part of the season.

However, I haven't compiled the actual data to verify this; it's just what I seem to recall over the past 20+ seasons.

What we have seen over the past number of years is that walk up attendance drops in the colder weather games. Despite being capped at 26,000 or 28,000 season ticket holders each year, the remaining walk up crowds at Rider games declines lots with colder temps = lower revenues for the teams. Craig Reynolds, Riders president has gone on record with this recently also. I'll post the link to that article when I find it:

All the CFL wants to do with the season moving forward - is to put more bums into seats. Nothing more to it than that.

Regardless of when the season starts, Labour Day games stay.

Mid - season is secondary.

Also, the real fans will follow , show up, watch, cheer and boo , regardless if the season starts a month early or stays the same.

LOL. No one needs to show YOU anything. If the League (and it's teams) decide it's in their best interests to move the season, they will. If they don't, they won't.

If you as a fan agree it works for you, then you'll go to the games. If you don't, you'll stay home. That is ALL you need to consider.

Walk ups on rainy days are worse no matter if it's July or October .

So if it's so important mandate spectator roofs .

Live with the weather of football which by all accounts it's fall weather not blistering sun and 90 degrees with humidity .

I think the team that has the most season tickets is actually verifying the current season works in terms of weather if it didn't then why cap the season tickets if walk ups are so important it defies logic .

Why the riders would want a schedule change for better walk ups then caps season tickets so it gets more walk ups now is not rational thinking . Kinda like cutting your nose off despite your face .

Why cap if you lose money ? For rainy days alone it's just dumb . They created stub hub and it works . Maybe the Riders need to get with the times the secondary market has been around long enough to suit those needs for sell outs and you still want to go .

Yes. That’s it. The Riders need to get with the times, lol.
Smallest market, most successful team. Nicest stadium. Capped season tickets.

Hopefully they take your advice so they can throw everything in the crapper too.

Yes your right they r not the smartest tool in the shed if they think that capping season tickets makes sense then complain about walk ups . That's idiotic .

It is not idiotic at all. Having a certain number of tickets available for walkups throughout a season is importand in creating new fans and keeping existing fans. The most popular teams in the world all cap their season ticket sales to be sure there is a decent number of individual tickets for single game buyers.

What the Riders correctly point out is that they have a harder time selling those single tickets for colder games and they think that problem can be overcome by moving the season up a few weeks.

Sounds like they know exactly what they are doing to me.

Really what do you call rain in JULY ? No walk ups then . As a long time season ticket holder you see a dip when it rains or snows . For that matter there are no shows for tickets sold whether in July or October . YOU won't see any difference in a nothing game in October on a cold day lets say minus 3 and a pleasant plus 10 if the game is meaningless .

And all those other teams don't complain about walkups after they cap them only the Riders . So yep it's idiotic .

You being a TFC fan did the TFC ticket managers ask for a season move up because less people want to walk up on cold days ? No they did put a roof on the place to stop the rain on the spectators so they get more walk ups on rainy days .

I don't see the Green Bay Packers complaining about the weather ? The longest in years and largest in numbers waiting list in the NFL .

Actually other teams in other leagues do try schedule to avoid cold weather games or have to do special promotions or have lower prices to move tickets for probable cold weather games well in advance - long before the specific weather for that day is known.

In this area the Bills almost always finish the season on the road - sometimes even the last two games on the road. And their ticket pricing - cheaper for December games.

In both 2016 and 2017 they announced tiered single ticket pricing for their 8 home games as either Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze pricing. The only two bronze games with the lowest prices each season - their last two home games in December. And in the Bills description of the reasons for the bronze tier - one of the main factors - the cold weather at that time of year.

It might be they were out of the play offs for so long and sucked for years and they would be meaningless games later in the year .

Isn't the Labour Day game more expensive in Hamilton .

I am sure if the BILLs could sell out their entire stadium they would and if they let a few tickets remain and they don't sell them they have no excuse to complain .

In the Cfl they do the same thing for time of day . The Riders do better in day games than night games because of travel . Look at the Argos with the Saturday schedule they have been given . We do the same things to cater to the fan base.

Wouldn't it be simpler for the Riders to sell out their season ahead of time than to leave a few and then complain they don't sell later than to rip out an entire tradition of November Football . Doesn't that make more sense .

I think the night games are more of a reason they don't sell when many have to travel . Thats probably more of a factor than anything else . Then I would say rain , snow and sleet . Sun and cold has never stopped me ever from attending .

Exactly. Seems like Ambrosie has his mind made up on this and is going to bulldoze it through like some of the other changes we've already seen. But unlike changing the coach's challenge half-way through the season, this one is going to be a major league swing-and-a-miss.

Spring football smacks of pandering to Prairie special interests to me. Perhaps a few of the execs put the bug in his ear about cold weather, and now it seems like it's fait accompli without proper due diligence. And it is going to adversely affect the very teams that can least afford to see any type of decline in attendance.

Moving the CFL schedule up 5 weeks is all about money in the form of a US television deal with the
NFL Network.
The NFL season starts in September, The NFL Network would want as many games in the CFL to start before the start of the NFL season for maximum TV coverage for them.
If the CFL could conservatively double the television revenue to $80M-$90M or more both the league and the players with their excellent exposure would profit.
If the CFLPA gets their stuff together and gets profit sharing and a big chunk of the TV money returned in their wages it becomes a win/win for everybody.
There are many benefits to having more spring games than winter games played in Canada,
and it's not just about the weather.