Moving to Edmonton

Looks like my wife is going to get that job in Edmonton (Fort Sask, close enough) so she'll be moving out there first and the rest of us will be following her out there next summer if it all works out. (me, the boy, the dog and the cat :slight_smile: )

She's a real big football fan now since her first game about 4 years ago. We've had Bomber season tix for the last three years and sit on the sunny east side. Its great fun. So we'll probably end up getting season tix in Edmonton as well.

So, some questions for you all:

  • Can we get good season tickets? Or would we be sitting in the nose bleed section on the 5 yard line?
  • How much are the season tickets, say between the 45 yard lines?
  • Do you have to pay for parking? I've never had to here in Winnipeg.
  • Is there a sunny side? We much prefer that.
  • Where do the old fuddy duddies sit? Are they confined to certain sections? (LOL) We like to drink, have a good time, be loud, jump up and down at the games. Will that be a problem?
  • On the TSN games you can hear an announcer trying to get the crowd to "make some noise". Is that really necessary or is that just some radio guy justifying his existence like it is here. Its so freakin lame and just not necessary here ... is it there?

Some questions about Edmonton in general ... I've been there a bunch of times in my tree-planting days about 20 years ago:

  • I know Whyte Ave and the area around the University. Has that changed much in the last 20 years? For better or worse?
  • I know Sherwood Park ... what are some neighbourhood names that would be similar to that, especially on the North or East end of the city?
  • Is there a certain part of Edmonton to not live in? What are the names of some neighbourhoods to avoid?
  • Do people live downtown? Not many people do here, and with good reason.
  • It looks like Fort Sask is fair distance away from the outskirts of the city. How long of a drive?
  • I notice on Google Maps there's only a couple bridges over the river on the NE end of the city. Is that true?

Any comments would be really appreciated. :thup:

Here are 3 links posted above for you to look at; alot of info is all there on Questions about Commonwealth and such.
The sunny side is on the visitors bench side, thus you will enjoy this facility. Jackie Parker room is one area you'll have to check out; lots of great fans enjoying football talk and/or just to mingle about. Other posters can comment on the rest of the city and great news for your wife on the new job. Cheers

Bring a parka and mittens.

She got the job and will be moving to Fort Sask next week. She's actually found a place to live already too. Damn, she's good :slight_smile:

Going to be a lonely winter for both of us ... but we'll be meeting at the spa in Moosejaw a couple times as its halfway. That and we have lots of air miles to use.

$500 season tickets in awesome ... same as here this year but they're going up next year to pay for the new stadium. She accepted their offer yesterday, same day as final day for down payments to reserve seats at the new stadium. Good timing there.

She got the job ... but then everything fell apart in negotiating a contract. They actually refused to put their "promises" into writing. Wow. So she's not moving out there now. Oh well, she's got two other job offers this week and both are excellent opportunities for her.

So we put our deposit down on season tickets for the new stadium in Winnipeg next year. Go Blue !! :smiley:

Oh well, hope one of the other two job offers go in your wife's favour; Edmonton is where I'd like to end up (St.Albert) as far as moving east goes. The Bombers are going to have a nice Stadium once it's done. Cheers

What a bummer but sounds like good judgement so good luck to you both.

Anyone who can pull that off with multiple employers in the same week is beyond damn good!