Moving to Edmonton/safe neighbourhoods

So I'm moving to Edmonton, working out of Fort Saskatchewan.

What are some of the safest neighbourhoods to live in?

There are a lot of nice communities on the south side of the city. But, unless you want to 45 minutes to your commute, you're better off living in the North East corner of the city.

Does this mean that you're going to be dropping the Riders to become an Esks fan?

I’ve looked at a couple places in the NorthEast (around 137 ave and 134 ave) so I may try to get a place there. I don’t want to have a 45 minute commute every day.

And no I’ll still be a Rider fan.

....roughy, to you and your family my condolences.....

...JOKING!!...welcome to Alberta man....

Don't live in Millwoods.. or Clairview..

get a good house.. far away from downtown

west side of edmonton, i live 20 minutes outside of edmonton in the country, AUESOME PLACE TO LIVE.

And my next dilemna is whether to rent an apartment or buy a condo.

Edmonton and surrounding area is where I wanted to be. In my field there is so much opportunity there, I'm excited.

Definitely buy! The real estate market has been going nutz here for the past few years and it's forcasted to be on the rise for the next 10 years.

Do you live in Edmonton? What’s wrong with Millwoods? There are a lot of nice homes there and many new developments.

Has wickywhatshisname got you a deal on a moving van yet? :lol: :lol: :lol:

whoever said don't live downtown is a fool. don't live near 97 ave otherwise downtown is great. millwoods can be sketchy, same with clairview. sherwood park is safe and really close to fort saskatchewan. but yeah, definately buy, the market is worth it.