Moving to better seats

I'm going to say that at least 50% of the people on this forum have at least once in their lives payed for less expensive and bad seats then moved to better ones. I'm guilty for it too. (Montreal @ Winnipeg) When we do it though we don't think twice. I was wondering how the people who actually buy the expensive seats and the season ticket holders feel. You must feel a little ripped off huh?

…my seats at Mcmahon are pretty good, but I don’t care if someone grabs a seat around me whether they have paid for it or not…just be prepared to move when the righful holder comes along…and also be prepared to be pretty stamp-partisan as our section is full of homers…I’d rather see this then a whole bunch of expensive seats not being used just because the game is a blowout or the weather isn’t perfect…I know the stadium people will disagree…

Just to clarify things. I don't think you can vote twice so choose which half of the question you want to respond to

I once was given tickets on the 42 yard line 11th row up and I used these tickets to go to the game (expensive seats) while my season ticket seats went unsat in (I couldn't find someone to take them on such short notice..... approximately 20 minutes). By the end of the first quarter I was back in my seats because I could hardly see what was going on and the people in the section were a bunch of stuck up richees who wouldn't actually make noise cheering if you paid them. I felt a tad out of place. So I guess I have done the opposite of what the poll suggests.... never the other way though.

Go Riders!!

I buy the $10 Sobeys family huddle el cheapos and usually end up sitting in the 2nd most expensive section.

How can there be any Seats left in Sask largest city Calgary? :mrgreen:

my seats at the dome are about the 30 yard line, first row of the second deck. i could care less if anyone sits behind me who ain't suppose to be there. just as long as they're cheering for the double blue.

Not a problem... the tank used to do it, but I can't be botherd any more...I still laugh when peaple get called on a seat, so they clear out of the whole section instead of moving over a few seats where nobody was there to begin with

I really don't care where I'm sitting, aslong as I can see and hear the game, I'm a happy Bomber camper. Also, got my second pair of tickets for the August 13th game down here and yes, they are more endzone tickets. 2 of them. Woo! GO BOMBERS! GO!

I've got my season tickets in the 45th row. If we see that there are a pair of seats below us that are empty throughout the first half, we might move to them, if the rest of the section is also pretty empty. Our seats are just benches and aren't exactly comfortable ... but 2 rows below us, nice, individual seats with backs and armrests start.

This is something that's impossible to do in Montreal given the consecutive sellouts. The only way you can move to other seats is when people leave early. But moving 5 minutes from the end of the game doesn't seem to be worth it.

Did it once...In a very, very empty dome in the 90's. Went from 5 yard line to the 20 yard line just to join some other friends. The seats my son has put us around the 30 yard line. The site lines are good, so really no point in moving.

usually i am fine with this but there has been a couple exceptions. i found it very annoying when a bunch a young/or old but they tend to be young abnoxious kids move to better seats around us season ticket types and start swearing the whole game drinking smoking pot etc. that adds nothing to the game day experience but tends to diminish it substantially. nothing makes me happier than to see these people tossed. come sit, cheer loudly for either team i don't care, but respect the people around you. i especially feel bad because some of the season ticket holders around us always had their kids with them and to be surrounding by behavour like that is unacceptable. actually now that i think of it the last time that happened was a group of rider fans.... should of known. (yes it has been bomber fans too.)

die die die youcheapskates.....oops sorry.....inner voice again.....there is a the same post on and I said could not give 2 hoots, I have actually suggested that idea to some of my friends in the past ( cheap bastards :!: ) :wink:

I don't care so much so long as people who move don't end up in my seats (it's happened!). I used to do the ol' switcheroo at the venueformerlyknownasskydome but now own a kickin pair of season seats in the front row of the 200 level. I have no intention of moving from there.

I first latched onto my seat location in SkyDump (south end zone, 100 level, 1st row) back in 2000. You get a decent view of the Jumbotron and they're relatively inexpensive (price category 4?!?). I wouldn't give the seat up cuz I'm in probably one of, if not the, wildest section in the whole joint; however, if the nutbars in my section don't stop using my helmeted noggin' as a bongo drum, my back's gonna be screwed up more than it is now. But at least I'll get a bit of a reprieve for the Montreal and Calgary games due to my seasonal job.