Moving out of town

This is a good post and a good thought. I can see it. Jones is the type of guy that would mix things up by bringing in Evans to either push or replace Cornelius. The guaranteed money he received wasn't enough to make him an undisputed starter.

The reality is if Saskatchewan doesnt want to pay Evans starters money, and all of his options are backup roles, it opens up a lot of doors for potential landing spots.


I can see three potential landing spots for him as a starter - BC (over VAJ), EDM (for the reasons above), SSK (desperate), or TOR (MBT uncertainty and do they REALLY trust Kelly that much?).

I know I'm preaching to the choir, but the man certainly proved himself in 2019. The "1A/1B" BS that was 2021 (until Orlondo was forced to make a change due to poor performance of 1A) -may- have messed with Evans' mind, and he certainly wasn't given enough support (O-line, lack of running game, too many tipped-ball INTs, play calling, no shut-down defence, poor punting/kicking, etc) to help the team succeed...

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Evans wasn't given the tools to win
The o-line was awful at the start of the year
You can't throw the ball from your back
He got better once we got a bit of an online behind him
But by that time his confidence had been shattered
And that's the fault of the coaching staff for not giving him the protection he needed


S/B is NFL bound, last I heard.

Schaffer Baker worked out for some of the NFL teams that Rourke did . No signing so far .

So the narrative now is, "Dane has certainly proved himself and would be awesome if he was surrounded by a better team"?

You forgot to add that Dane is SOOOOO good that we need to get a starting Canadian and a high draft pick for him in any trade.

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We just want his rights...he will be back.


Van Stone shouldn't drink and write at the same time.

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I wonder if this turns into a game of chicken with Saskatchewan (or any other interested team). I have to assume they want their starting QB to have their playbook earlier than the eve of Training Camp which is how long the Ticats can wait to release him.

We don’t even need a second team interested, the pressure on any potential suitor of Dane as their starting QB is simply the calendar. The longer they wait to get him on board the less time they have to get him acquainted with their playbook.

I have no delusions about getting a king’s ransom, but we should get more than a couple old jockstraps for Dane. There’s always someone that thinks they can “fix” what ails him. Heck, maybe that’s who we are to Bo!

So my key takeaway from my own ramblings is that the worst thing the Ticats can do between now and the day before camp is release Dane. It’s “classy” to let him explore his options, but only gives away any potential asset that could be received in return. We really should be able to get something (neg list player?) and if not, don’t give anyone else the luxury of time with Dane in their roster. Make them acquire it!


I would think and hope that SSK have already contacted the TiCats and would eventually want to talk to Danes agent and work out a deal,
Both for the TiCats benefit(picks and or prospects) and Danes benefit


What does he “deserve”? And from whom?

He had plenty of playing time behind a much improved O-line for the second half of the season, didn’t follow the script and couldn’t make the move to be a clear number one.

He hasn’t been mistreated by anyone from the franchise. Some fans have been tough on him but I’m confident that all wish him future success and health. He is a very hard working and ambitious man. I hope he is in the league for a long time.

He got what he deserved based on his play and nothing else.

This is professional sports.


I think he deserved a better OLine to start the season, I also think he deserved more weapons than the guys we gave him. When the OLine did improve, he played much better and we won 6/7 to make the playoffs.

Im not suggesting he was actually treated poorly by anybody, but I'm of the opinion that they didn't build an offense around a guy that they made their franchise QB. I don't think Bo or any other QB would have had much more success.

This is not a Calvillo situation, Dane led us to the playoffs.

There's no defending Dane's play at times, but the organization isn't innocent in his regression either.


Hard to say…. Dane didn’t throw to open receivers, locked onto targets and according to Condell wouldn’t follow direction.

He was the author of his own narrative.


Also no one can deny the fact that although he started in B2B Grey Cups that on both occasions when the stage lights went on for the big show he was less than stellar . He basically looked on both occasions unfortunately like the peripheral 'deer in the headlights' .


Dane first signed in 2017, 5 full years
Survived the Manziel debacle and Masoli
The Ticats Organization gave Dane every opportunity and played very well in many games
Unfortunately, It just didn't work out


A winning record and 2 playoff wins. At least it shows that management wants to upgrade.

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Coach O on CHML this morning

Here is the link to the interview


Full credit for the two playoff wins , no doubt . Although the 2021 EF was not a start but actually Evans coming off the bench to win that game . I honestly think after watching him play for us these past few seasons that he excels better when in a relief role then in the main role as a starter .

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