Moving out of town

Looks like Dane Evans and family have packed up and left Hamilton this morning via U Haul trailers.Found this on a post on Twitter by CFL.Could this possibly mean that Cats will sign Bo.

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Maybe they got a deal in Binbrook?


They only went because Binbrook has more Tim Hortons per capita than Hamilton. Never underestimate the power of coffee.

That’s a lot of Timmies.

PS Nice work on the avatar

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How about a link to this post?

Good going Tabby fans, Ya chased out Evans like what the Leaf fans did to Larry Murphy.

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Imagine if Evans leaves the Ticats, and we DO NOT sign BLM! Trade for Masoli? :joy:

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I don't think this is funny at all .
With our kind of luck, we could very well end up with no QBs at all .
If BLM and Dane both don't sign, and Shiltz is a FA - then who do we have at QB?

Now, here is something really curious.
I decided, on a whim, to check out the Ticats 2022 roster.
And guess what I saw?

BLM is listed as part of the Ticats active roster.
How could that be, if we only have him agreeing to have 1st dibs at negotiations?

Clearly that does NOT mean he is part of our roster, unless he already really signed with us .

Folks, check it out yourself.

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I had fun sinking the Argo. Maybe a little too much fun. :grinning:

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Nothing unusual there.
It's been said, everywhere, that the TiCats traded for "Mitchell's rights."
That term has been used, because the final season of BLM's existing CFL contract is over, and so that existing contract does not include him playing any more games. But, the contract he signed with Calgary is now a contract between him and the Tiger-Cats, until it expires in February. As of the trade, on Nov. 14th, BLM became, officially by the terms of the CFL/CFLPA CBA, a Tiger-Cat player, in the same standing as he'd been a Stampeder player. That is, as a pending free agent, on the team's active roster.


Evans is under contract and can't "leave" or "not sign" with the Ticats.


I still had a chuckle of "what if" If anything Dane probably moving out because of the high property taxes we pay in this city :grinning:

Dane is already signed . If we sign BLM then the Cats go to plan B . Trade Dane to the Riders , Mooses, Lions or Redblacks .


This whole thing is one big nothing burger if you ask me . Most American players as well as some Canadian players usually are only in the city during the duration of the season before moving back home for the off season .

Evans rental agreement and lease were probably only until the end of November and was about to expire thus he was merely moving back home to the States for the beginning of the Thanksgiving and Christmas season .

Some players choose to live here or in the surrounding area year round but more than most end up moving home (wherever that might be) in the offseason .


Yeah typically american players will only stay in town during off season if there rehabing a significant injury or for family reasons .

It's something in the sense Dane knows how his post will be perceived. He's sending a bit of a message I'd say.

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With all his teammates gone during the off-season & Hamilton being colder than it is in Oklahoma, I would say it would be easier for Dane Evans to find buddies to go golfing with if he resided in the States. :grinning:

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Pretty sure Evans and Shiltz train together a bit in Texas in the offseason. Dane also invited a bunch of Cat receivers down to train with him at one point last year. Could be nothing more than his lease is up and heading back to spend the holidays and train in the offseason. And get some golfing in as Okie mentioned.


This is the scenario that makes the most sense and Dane is still under contract for 2023 with the Cats. As of right now he would be expected to report to training camp next season just like any other signed player.

However Dane has in the past released some cryptic style tweets. There was the one last winter where he was driving in his jeep in downtown Hamilton. If I recall it was a bit of a hint that he was in town to sign his contract or something to that effect.

This particular picture he posted of the U-Haul trailer does appear rather ominous based on what has transpired here in the last few weeks. Most players moving back home for the off-season are not likely to post a picture of something so mundane unless it means something.

Perhaps Orlondo gave Dane a heads up that they will be trading him this off-season. If that's true then he would have no more reason to stick around the Hammer.

We can't be entirely sure why Dane posted the photo but it's sure made a hell of an interesting dsiscussion. :thinking:


At this point all I know is that I have no clue who will be starting qb here in 2023. If they don’t get a deal done with BLM it’s still
plausible that Dane returns.