Moving on from the burgers

Moving on from best burger...
Best Potato Chips

I'll start... Miss Vickie's plain with Philadelphia Onion dip. Close runner up, Miss Vickie's sour cream and chive.

Best non chip salty snack food... Old Dutch pork rinds

Best sweet snack... PC dark chocolate covered almonds

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I enjoy Ketchup Potato chips, first runner up barbeque 2nd runner up doritos.

Not sure if Beef Jerky counts as a salty snack food. If it doesn't I also enjoy popcorn.

Sweet Snack has to be Nanaimo bars and i also have a cheese cake vulnerability


Giant Tiger brand

Giant Value Mesquite barbecue kettle chips ...

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Helluva good dip - French onion ...... with Ruffles Ripple chips .

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Ruffles all dressed. Followed by almost any Ruffles chip. Lays chips are the worst.

Favourite dip I don’t make myself is Kraft Philadelphia Herb and Spice.

Best salty snack is BBQ Hoops.

Best sweet snack has to be dark chocolate. Mixed with or coated with orange or raspberry or cherry is a bonus. If you like blizzards try a chocolate covered cherry one and you’ll be amazed. They are mostly off menu now but every DQ will make you one. Make sure they use the cone dipping chocolate and not the sundae chocolate.


Best 'Potato Chips'?

When I was a teenager it was either Old Dutch flavoured chips (sour cream and onion) or whatever chips went well with the dip I was shovelling into my perpetually hungry stomach. Fast forward to today and I'm more likely to opt for something that at least pretends to be healthy. Those specialty chips made from beets, carrots, potatos and misc other veggies are kinda nice.

Best non chip salty snack food... yes, I can handle pork rinds. But for something completely different, my dear old Icelandic mom used to love 'HarĂ°fiskur ' made from dried Pickerel fillets (it's like fish Jerky). One of her fisherman brothers would bring some home and we'd all get a piece. We'd rip a sliver off, dip it in butter and go to town.

Best sweet snack... I can never go wrong with nuts and chocolate. A bag of broken O'Henry bars from the bulk store keeps me happy.


Have been in the habit of Lays chips for years. Used to like Old Dutch but at some point I felt they had cheapened their chips.

I go with S&V, Ketchup, and plain RipL. Love Ripl with Nalley's French Onion dip. Also I like to put the Ripl chips in Hotdogs and Tuna sandwiches.

Also like Doritos Cool Ranch and a couple of other flavours.

Other snacks

Dark chocolate, better if it has nuts.
M&M nuts
Leftover pizza


My personal all time favorite was A thin strip of centerloin
Have'nt had it for a long long time now! :stuck_out_tongue:

After rereading this, I have to add that I swear I don't eat as much junk as this makes it sound like...

Best chip:
Old Dutch BBQ
Ruffles All Dressed

Best non chip salty snack:
This is my wife's area of expertise but I suspect she'd say Hawkins Cheezies.

Best sweet snack (different from dessert):
Jacek chocolate bars. I'm partial to the whisky one, myself.
Nanaimo bars are a staple in our house for New Year's Eve

Best dessert:
Cheesecake - chocolate peanut butter or pina colada topped with crushed pineapple
Thanksgiving: my mother's pumpkin pie
Christmas: my mother's butter tarts, fruitcake and shortbread cookies
Birthdays: my mother in law makes a delicious chocolate cake and then does an amazing job decorating it. Example of one she did for my wife one year:


Oh man! I completely forgot about Hawkins Cheezies!
I gotta cancel the pork rinds and put those in!


Best chip.... celery

Best non chip..... celery with cheese wiz

Best sweet snack.... celery


:grin: I'll let myself out.


no idea, never been that much of a chip person - i much prefer nachos. however one observation i have made is that doritos in their own bag are better than sun chips in their own bag, but in a bag of munchies, sun chips are better. :thinking:

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When I was a teenager, it had to be Hostess Hot BBQ chips in the tinfoil bag, but this no longer exists.


I would eat 2 or 3 of these bags while watching Partridge Family, that's after school and after I finished delivering my 2 Winnipeg Free Press paper routes.


Laurie Partridge, Mmm Hubba Hubba


Today, Ruffles Sour Cream 'N Bacon.


Second best Lays Smokey Bacon.


Best non chip, when I was a teenager Halvha


Today Cashews,


Best sweet snack as a teenager, Rum and Butter.


Or Cuban lunch


Today Reese's peanut butter cups


Or anything with caramel in it, like Mars bar



Remember the Cuban Lunches well. Delicious. They have been back for a few years but are very expensive. I think they used to be made by Nutty Club in Winnipeg. The new owners if the brand appeared on Dagon’s Den a while back looming for seed money.

You share an affinity for Ruffles like me. I believe they came from the old Hostess brand. I can’t stand Lays though. They should call them paper chips or wood chips to accurately describe their taste.

Mars bars are great. So we’re those Run and Butter bars I had forgotten about. A precursor to my affinity for rum.

Hostess still exists, owned by PepsiCo group which includes several snack foods and for a short time resurrected my fav Hot BBQ under the name of Wavy Hickory BBQ
But has since changed the recipe for some Effing reason.
The Rum and Butter bars are in Sobeys at about the same price as the Cuban lunch bars.

Back in the 60's and probably into the 70's, my preferred bar of choice was Cuban Lunch, followed by Virginia Bar

I don't recall the Virginia bar so I googled it, still don't. But I found a candy bar "A blast from the past"
I had to be the dumbest person of all time.
I would buy this candy bar then eat the 2 sets of flavors I didn't care for first, just so the rest of the bar was better. I also used to buy Bridge mixture and do the same thing, eat all the pieces I didn't like until everything that was left was good? Hmmm the buses just go to where I live.


I remember that ..... cool like seeing a Bar Six .

That was a sure path to diabetes - Cuban Lunch and a Tahiti Treat.....

Chips - Dressed: Miss Vickies Spicy Dill Pickle
Plain: Ruffles
Dip: Philly Onion.

Breakfast: OEB Soul in a Bowl.....