Moving FWD With Refs

The refs have had a much earned bad rating for 2015. Not just this site , but others and Stamps radio talk show here in Calgary.

I will say that under the direction of Tom Higgins, the refs were doing a great job .

Mark Cohon fired Tom Higgins for whatever reason. Since then, the officiating has gone downhill.

I have no answers, but this is something that needs to be addressed and fixed for 2016.

Every fan of every team this year will be able to pick out calls that screwed them.

It all equals out, but it should not have to. These guys are expected to get the right call and need to do their job the right way.
Not every call is going to be correct, but some of the stuff this season has been more than brutal.

Higgins applied for - and got - a coaching job in Montreal. That's why he left. The league didn't fire him.

Disagree. Officiating went downhill when Higgins took the job. When Johnston took over it just went downhill even faster.

No one fired Higgins, he resigned.

The pool for refs seems pretty limited and the consequences not much of a punishment. Take for instance that sideline official that blew the call late in the Stamps-Bombers game - from what was reported at that time was he had already been fired once before by the league over his officiating but was rehired because of need and lack of candidates. They need to find a way to expand that group of officials, whether it's spending more money scouting people who officiate at the junior and CIS levels, holding more clinics for officials, whatever the answer is the league will need to invest more time and money into it. I know the CFL liked to put it out that the officiating "problem" was actually player issues like offsides and holdings, etc, but there have been quite a few blown calls down the stretch and the video review process is taking longer and longer which has nothing to do with the players.

DrummerGod and DC Moses.

You are both wrong . Higgins was fired. He said so on the Stamps Talk Show.

His words " I did not resign . I was informed by Mark Cohon , my contract would not be extended."

Cohon , the two faced SOB made some statement like " Tom Higgins is moving on to other ventures "

I can not remember the word for word quote, but it was worded to make it sound like Higgins resigned.

Higs had no intention of resigning and it was much later that he took the Als job.

I lost all respect for Cohon after that.

Thanks. Don't recall hearing that quote. It was the right move to go with someone else though. Never understood the rational behind a coach as head of officials and the poor job he did is testiment to that. However, we have had Johnson for 2 seasons and both have been worse than Higgins. Time to find someone that can do the job.

Maybe this time they should ask for a resume and do interviews.

Hey, maybe they could get Safeway to sponsor the next Director of Officiating?

The NFL has a lot of problems with refs as well. The elephant in the room is that the game is becoming too fast and complicated to officiate correctly.

Look at that blown No Yards in the Eastern final on the weekend. To get that call correct, the ref in the area has to know who is within 5 yards at the time the ball bounces off the Hamilton player, when the ball was already bouncing around and the players are coming in at an angle at high speed. With only one set of eyes, how do you watch both the bouncing ball hitting the player and where everyone else in the area is?

Mistakes are inevitable when that amount of stuff is happening in real time and you're supposed to catch it all, at field level.

Some mistakes are understandable and that’s one of them. Player almost always get an extra yard to yard and a half on punts when they are across the field rather than north south where officials have the yard marks as reference. However, the phantom PI calls, roughing the passer on players pushed into the QB, missed holding and other infractions where the official has one point of focus, the ball carrier, at the time of infraction and still misses it. The official who signals in/out of bounds from 4-5 feet from the play and is over ruled by an official 20 yards away. These are the problem areas that need to be addressed.

Higgins did nothing to address the problem and Johnson has done little to improve on that. And neither did a thing to improve on the idiocy we call video review. Changes are long over due. And part of that is rewarding the good performers. I hope Bradbury is doing the Grey Cup game because his crew was far and away the best of the 4 playoff crews and that needs to be rewarded. For a player the ultimate is winning the Grey Cup, for an official thier championship is being selected to call the Grey Cup.