Moving forward

All right still hurting after that epic self implosion by the team last night but not much sense continuing to dwell on it so now what needs to be fixed/changed so it isn't likly to happen again.

Joesph has given this team some hope and in the first half looked really good but its pretty obvious that his age/ conditioning is a factor to expect him to perform at the same level for 60 minutes. If and yes it is a big if Durant is 100% and only if he is 100% healed by the time we play the Eskimos I think they should use KJ for the first half if he is having success, and then start Durant in the second and if he is looking all right play the 3rd quarter and maybe go back to KJ in the 4th. This will allow KJ time to regain some energy and refocus. I think it would give defenses a change of styles and keep them guessing. This formula may even be good to use in the playoffs.

The run game needs to get back on track. Toston had some good runs and for his first game since preseason he handled himself fairly well but like I mentioned earlier I'm not sure why they benched him in the 3rd only to bring him back late in the game. I think Allen and Toston should be getting an even amount of play and to rotate them in on alternate series could be effective. Messam can be thrown in for blocking and the odd run even to give more diversity to the run game.
The inconsistency in the run game (basically abandoning it in the 3rd quarter) last night really had a big effect on the game.
Once again too many two and outs and the defense gets gassed and blown out in the 4th.

The O line has to get back to being as good as they were last year and that means having Labatte, Best, Picard, Heenan playing together and firing off the line instead of waiting for the defense to come to them. These guys need to be complely dominate and agressive. Way too many times they are getting beaten by waiting for the defenders to attack them and then they have to grab the defender because they are beaten, don't allow the defense to dictate the play but instead have them dictate what the defense does. The running backs have to pick up the blitz and help chip in on protection.

On defense there are some obvious weak spots and this is putting so much pressure on the D line to get to the qb, if they don't then the defensive back field will get picked to pieces. Not sure what the solution is here other then different players and at this time of year it's too late for that. Next year I hope there is a different look to the defensive backfield and we can get either one or two good FA's to do the job or we can get some good prospects in training camp.

Special teams is killing this team and has been a weakness all year. Milo is not getting it done on kickoffs as I have mentioned countless times. Way too short on the kickoffs and the field position change is such an advantage to the other team. When you start on the 40 or even in better field postion time and time again it doesn't take much for the otherteam to get points. Bartel is not the answer either if you ask me again the field position factor is killing the team.

yes and I also think our kicking game is suffering , when we had ricky schidt last year he helped us with field position big time, now we seem to always be stuck in our end of the field. that punting is big field swing, and he boomed the kick offs way down to.??? should try to get him back, he was the best in the league I think.

I wonder what the status of Swayze Waters is with the Argos? If he was a FA I would look long and hard to sign him. He has a good leg and seems accurate on field goals plus he is a good punter so a one man band to do it all instead of having two guys taking up spots.

he is not a FA. He is signed through 2015

Bummer :frowning:

There is a glaring pattern in ALL of the the games since the banjo bowl. As soon as the offense stops making first downs the whole game goes straight into the toilet. Other than the one bad game that Tino had in Hamilton (and he has only had one bad game) the offense stops making first downs when the playcalling becomes one dimensional. It is uncanny how it all lines up. In Calgary offense was very effective in the first half. Ran the ball 5 times in the second half (with a 12 point lead for most of it) and the whole game went into the shitter.

Moving forward: Cortez needs confidence in whoever dresses (at ANY position) to use the entire playbook and balance the attack. As long as the playcalling is balanced, they make first downs, score a few points and keep the defense fresh to be aggressive. As soon as they go all run or all pass it's 2-and-out city and a big fat L in the standings.

Yes there are other little things here and there, but every team has little things here and there. These can be overcome. As long as the offense makes first downs this team WILL beat anyone. Cortez just needs to check his damn ego and believe in his players.

well I'm pretty sure Toston got a little nicked up in the 3rd as he came off after the one series and was shaking his hand but he did get back in the 4th so I don't know if it was a stinger he had and they were trying to work it out or what, but yes the run game was pretty much abandoned in the second half for what ever reason. I am going to try an be optimistic and say that maybe there was a reason that isn't known why they kept Toston on the sidelines if he wasn't hurt then it does make you wonder but probably we will never find out why. Yes it was a disappointing loss especially blown the lead in the 4th.

This year has been a head scratcher from the get go and this game was no different. It would be nice to see a well executed game plan just for once from start to finish. That hasn't happened in a very long time and the stats reflect it accordingly.

I agree on the head scratcher part.... To me, it seems as if Cortez is testing the waters with teams to see how they will respond defensively. He called a pretty much straight run game against Montreal. And then a pretty much straight pass game against Calgary... It has to be a test right??? If not, that's where the head scratching comes in... As Prairie Dog says, the teams record speaks for itself when they offensively execute BALANCE. That is why it boggles me why they would not do that.

As Prairie also says, the Riders can beat anybody. IMO, they just need that one win to get the confidence in between their ears and get some mojo back..

Hopefully they are resting aches and pains here in the bye week, and studying lots of film. And I hope they are mentally preparing for the playoff push

IMO they have been sticking to the pass with KJ for a specific reason. They need to know what he has in the tank.

I understand the need to find out KJ limits but this experimenting had been going on all season. Take the running backs situation, they basically have an open try out game in and game out during the first 3-4 games with it being a revolving door as to who was playing and who was sitting. Good for selling programs as otherwise you never knew who was starting at rb but bad for building chemistry with the O line and the qb. Then the O line had its shuffles too and now the qb's and even the defense is getting in on the act. Yes it's all right to tinker and try different players if you are winning or losing by a ton but when you are in a dog fight every game it's pretty hard to build chemistry when you need to read the name on the guy's back playing next to you to know who it is.

This is not the time of year to be testing guys to see who you want to go with unless you figure the season is done. I hope that isn't the situation and yes I fully understand the injury bug has bitten us hard this year and some spots needed to be tinkered with but to be doing it on a weekly basis is getting a bit much.

I would hope and expect this off week that Cortez and Chamblin will be having lots of discussions on who they are going to go with and then stick with them. If they don't I can't possibly see the playoffs going well.

Seems I'm not the only one with questions on what exactly is going on this year with the team. This article pretty much sums up what I just mentioned about the lack of stability.

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If I didn't know better I would almost suspect one reporter has been peeking in here and got an idea for an article. :lol:

as much as I hate to say it....really, with this much uncertainty, there's no way they can win a game in the play-offs. I know they've made it in the past with similar records etc etc...but they just don't seem like a team that is even half on the same page. There's zero confidence in the locker room, likely because they are all scared for their jobs next year!!

The way some have performed they should be concerned about their jobs next year. Way too many break downs on pass coverage, poor or missed tackles, PI calls coming out of the wazoo. These do not add up to playing winning football.

On offense some key penalties killing drives, missed blocking assignments, dropped balls. Again pretty hard to win playing like that. poor punts and kickoffs, giving up way too many scores or field position on special teams.

Add these all together and its not a pretty picture. The only truly solid part of our game has been the defensive line. Pretty hard to win games with only part of the team really performing above average.