Moving Forward With The Argos

I was not making light of the Argo situation.

I am worried about it. The CFL must not and can not loose the Argos.

Fact is it is in danger. Unless of coarse the media has painted it that way.

I do not want them to fold or move. ( some of you might not get my sarcastic humor )

I want them to stay in Toronto, but in the end it is up to the Argo fans.

It is a concern when I watch an Argos game and see all those blue seats.
Then you see them bounced in the schedule with long road trips as they are treated like house guests that are taking up space.

I am not convinced that BMO is the answer and at this point there is no official deal.

If they do move to BMO, is that not going to be the same problem when it was CNE ?. It is on the same spot and was named "mistake by the lake" . I was never there , but web sites mentioned one problem being seagulls dropping bombs. They swarmed because of the ample food.

Guess a roof over the stands would be a positive.

Retro football worked in Montreal, not sure if it would in Toronto.

BTW, if they do move to BMO, I would hope the CFL and Argos would still play Grey Cups in Rogers Center. Like Montreal using Olympic.

Have there been any market research projects done that would indicate that the fans would support the Argos at BMO ?

Just hoping

how many Argo threads are needed?

Exactly, can we merge all 14 Argo threads in to 1 and call it THUNDERDOME ? Anything goes in that thread !

Braley is just being pigheaded now and further destroying his own legacy. I thought the guy was a saint until ackles died... Then be was too cheap to open enough consession stands in the upper deck on BObby Ackles night... It literally would take u most of am entire quarter of game action just to get a beer or a hotdog.... Just an absolute joke... After missing 50 percemt of the game to get 2 beers, my perception of the guy changed... At GM Place I can literally grab a beer during a TV time out and don't miss a second of the action.
The craziest part of Bobby Ackles night was when a guy walked up to the merchandize stand and asked for a Geroy Simon jersey... He was told that the jersey had to be ordered and that he could either pick it up at the next game or wait 4 to 6 weeks for home delivery

There is no question in my mind that moving the Argos to BMO changes everything. Even if the move to BMO under Braily, it will open up the Argos to far more potential ownership groups. The Argos will be in profit mode at BMO,