Movie night in stadium idea

I was thinking of an idea and it would bring in some revenue for Tim Hortons field and the city and Bob Young and that's the idea of movie night on the big screen and people can go on the field, pull out a blanket or lawn hair and watch movies. Could be a animation movie type day and maybe one night is a horror or thriller type movie idea.

There are vineyards in Niagara that have been doing it and it's been a success and football's stadiums in the states have been doing it and the public love it. It would bring the community closer together and add some money to the city and Bob too.


They already do that and have the last couple of years.

This year
July 5 - The Last Jedi
August 2 - Cars 3
August 30 - Lion King

Oh wow I didnt know that. Thanks!! Thats really awesome.

They should advertise it a bit more because I had no idea and lots of other people in Hamilton I know said the same thing that they should do that who have kids. I wrote to Bob Young about it also. I feel dumb now but I will gladly tell others about it. That is sooo awesome.

I think they are showing last year's Ticats game in Calgary. I believe it's from the horror genre.

Where is Bobo with our movie poster with the 60-1 score and all the horror that went along with it??

Noooo! I don't need 60-1 nightmares for another week!

Pretty much as bad as the 82-14 thrashing the Ticats took in Montreal in 1956.

Well hoping it isn't a horror - but just a reminder they are showing the game this Saturday against Calgary on the videoboard at THF.

  1. Once again pope, you out do your self again !!! :wink: :smiley:

8)It is being shown on the big screen at THF !!! Where have you been ?? ::slight_smile:

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