Move the CFL Head Office to Regina (or at least Hamilton)

Yes Stockwell21: Your grasp of Canadian geography is correct. The fact remains that the bulk of the population that live in Central Canada don't have a clue about the CFL.

That's why it makes eminent sense to move the head office out of Toronto. Hamilton would be a start, but I think Regina would offer the most new perspective. Toronto may be the heart of this country, but it certainly isn't the soul.

Hamilton has the best private owner in the CFL. MLSE? yeah, the Leafs know all about sports management (not).

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Please no! That's the highest concentration of fans of the New York Jets right there! Do you truly understand what you are asking for here?

There would be a whole different or additional civil war fought here in the US over this one. We're not taking this idea sitting down here "Earl!"

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Maybe keep the "business office" in Toronto, but move the entertainment and party centre somewhere else.

Maybe not making Moose Jaw the "Las Vegas of Canada" was a missed opportunity back in the day?

Maybe one of our esteemed members of the Council of Geezers can reminisce and comment about those renegade times.

Hey wait a minute! This is a great thread and also another high on entertainment value in the off-season!

I think it should go on! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Spoken like a true Central Canadian kav2001c. That's why they don't like us out west. We don't know what we are doing down here, but we insist on running things anyway. The League isn't for the "execs, staff & media" who take their business lunches in Toronto. It's for the fans. Most of them are west of Ontario.

And how about that new "Dilbert" CFL logo kav? I wonder what MBa 30 year old Toronto marketing genius came up with that one?

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The more I read your posts the more I am siding with you though I don't agree with Regina for the central office though there should be more of a presence well west of Ontario.

Anyway, indeed most of us are sick of the sort of "flair" that comes out of that bunch akin to "yeah, look at this new logo, it's fresh and new, yet with just enough of a retro feel [i.e. as in Atari]!"

No, just no, the prior logo was better and just get a new one to go with the renewed brand based on the firm and strong tradition and not one to be forgotten or diminished just because a few young folks in certain places who don't care anyway might not be interested.

So what does the league have to gain?

Much-needed perspective.

No, I didn't realize what Pandora's box perhaps that might open. My bad, sounds like I hit a bit of an exposed nerve there eh Paolo? :grinning:

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The savings in marketing alone would be huge. Nobody has to explain the CFL to a grain farmer. The reason my 18 to 35 year old son loves the CFL is because he saw his first CFL game at Taylor Field. We take most of our games in at Hamilchuck now. Tim Horton's Field is Mosaic East :grinning:

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It makes perfect sense if you aren't from Toronto. No need to elaborate Jas, you just have to stop thinking like a Torontonian. Mind you, "thinking" is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to sports in Toronto. My son can't understand why I'm not excited about the Leafs. He's only been dealing with them for 28 years.

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I'd love to see head office move to Regina to tell you the truth, if for no other reason to deflect a bit of the centrism that Toronto and S Ontario seems to have over Canadians and Canada with the image that "if it doesn't occur in Toronto/S Ontario, it really doesn't matter". This bugs me.


Yep Aerial. My point exactly.


Meaning what?
How does it help them?

…while I think a lot of existing fans would see the move of the CFL office to Hamilton or Regina as a positive thing I don’t see what it does to actually improve the product to attract new fans…you’re preaching to the converted in those locations…

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Its called change for the sake of change

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Ah yeah, I'm not sure if it's a nerve or bones or joints or whatever though, but indeed that matter falls along these lines well beyond merely me akin to
"I GOTTA LOT OF PROBLEMS WITH YOU PEOPLE!," as some fondly reminisce during the annual Airing of Grievances as celebrated during Festivus.

I wasn't thinking like a Torontonian.

Just trying to understand this logic.

There are other sporting options for the three Canadian markets.

It's the only game in town in Regina.

But you're entitled to how you feel.

People in Toronto don't think east and west, they think north and south. Not a good idea to have the league run out of a town with penis envy for the Nancy Football League

It's the only game in town in Regina. Cowtown, Edmunchuck and the Peg have NHL teams. I don't expect you to understand my logic Jas. Not possible for a Torontonian.
It's lonely being a visionary in Toronto, but somebody's got to do it.