Move the CFL Head Office to Regina (or at least Hamilton)

If the Argos are the main CFL headache when it comes to attendance, why is the League Head Office in Toronto? Move it to Regina or at least Hamilton. People care about the CFL in Hamilchuck and Saskabush.


Doesnt really matter where the office is. It matters more what they do. What does it gain fans if the office is in their teams city?


Because the execs and all staff are in GTA area

Also, while Hamilton is feasible, moving it west to Regina is not

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The league office is not for fans.
It’s the business heart of the entire league. You need to have that located where the major league wide sponsors (both current and potential future ones) and broadcast partners (again both current and potential new ones) are based out of. None of those are found in Hamilton, let alone Regina.


That's my whole point. The league is dead in Toronto. Nobody in Hamilton or Regina is talking about the XFL. Randy Ambrosie of the Head Office in Toronto is. As for the big concentration of the Big Media in Toronto, until very recently the host broadcaster TSN was reporting CFL at the end of their sportscasts. CBC radio in Toronto does the same.
More brain dead stuff from the brain dead sports mandarins in the Big City.

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What it would gain fans outside of Toronto is the League Brass would become reacquainted with their fan base, which is not in Toronto. The XFL? 4 downs? The Black-Eyed Peas during halftime at the Grey Cup? All Toronto nonsense.

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The league won't survive on fans and tickets alone.

Need the corporate support and the larger Canadian markets to bring in advertisers.

Neither Hamilton and Regina have NHL teams to cheer for.

Hamilton has the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

What does Regina have?

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What does Regina have? Fans.

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Mosaic is arguably the premier stadium in the league and it's interesting that while the NFL's head office is in New York, the NFL Media branch moved to California next to SoFi so perhaps at the very least some sort of CFL branch, media or otherwise, could move to Regina. Don't know. IKS Live seems interesting in Regina.
Hamilton, no, it has the Hall of Fame.

"“When we look at the NFL, it is an entity that has gone very far beyond just putting on games ... and selling tickets for people to come and watch,” Ganis said. “It is developing into a full-fledged, global multimedia enterprise.”

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Having a sattillite (hopefully spelled correctly) office in Regina or Winnipeg could be plausible instead of an outright move from Toronto itself.

Not that the CFL has plans to move.

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The Hall of Fame doesn't exclude a Head Office in Hamilchuck. The big media concentration in Toronto doesn't give a rat's patootie about the CFL. Including the Colonial Broadcasting Corporation.

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Regina is slightly larger (50k) than Billings Montana -

But no national sponsors
No TV networks

You have asked and this has been answered
It is the same reason why rival leagues (you mention XFL) insist on teams in metro areas like NY / Chi / LA despite zero interest from those local fanbases

There really is no point in continuing this thread

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I agree in regards to an attendance based league being viable for the next three decades - As the way that people consume media content changes - YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Apple TV - this has an effect on everything from sports to movie theaters - Which I think will make it much more difficult for attendance based recreational options to thrive - Movie theaters and CFL - CFL needs 3 more teams and to find a larger media market IMHO -


I agree, this would really get things going, New York City - Long Island area maybe.

I do admire your passion for Regina though.

Sure there's apathy in the three Canadian markets but that's more driven by neglect than the product itself.

You hit the nail on the head. The League Office is not for fans. That's why it needs to leave Toronto.

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But in reality I don't think the head office is moving from Toronto anytime soon, this page on the CFL site says it all with BMO being shown. It's all about Toronto really, for better or for worse from a fans perspective which I suppose isn't much of a factor from the corporate side of the league that much.

A short video on Owen Welsh:

That doesn't make any sense :thinking:.

Please elaborate

70% of the Canadian population lives between Quebec City and Windsor - Move it out of Toronto but it needs to stay somewhere in Ontario and within short driving distance of Toronto - Moving the league offices to Regina makes about as much sense as going to Whitehorse or Yellowknife - You need to keep the league office near the monetary capital of the nation - and the bulk of the population -