Move over Chang Gang here Comes the Maas Mob..

Yes I am starting it Officaly
We have the Chang gang

It Time Jason Maas had his Own Fan Club
Call the Maas Mob..

Move Chang Gang The Maas Mob is taking Over..


I prefer the MaasTakes.

In the future, long after Maas has retired, any team that trades for a quarterback that ends up stinking up the place could be refered to as a Maastake.

...Or pulling a Maas (which is what the cats should do) But hey Onknight, if you want to back a loser, that's your choice.

Timmy Chang looked like Tommy Chong out there. Stick with Maas and get some guys that can catch the ball.

Chang was not much better ..
He did throw a Pick and we still did not get a TD..

They need to start Chang and let him play the whole game and then you can say that he was not much better. If he has the whole game to work with, he will do much better and probably even bring us a big W!

Will See My Friend well See.
Without Protection from the Line
He be flat on back or Making Rookie Mistakes..

This is not 11 Men Football

I will Agree Chang Is the Future....
But the Future is not now..

People keep saying this but they dont realize he did EXACTLY what the VET did... as a ROOKIE!!!

That doesn't make Maas look good, him NO better than a rookie??

Until the offensive line starts blocking people and the receivers start running the right routes and catching the ball, it's not going to make any difference who plays quarterback.

I agree with Jerk.

This is sad. Maas Mob????
That was a sad display of football Saturday night. Where does the coaching staff start? What has happened to our "big name" players?How does it all get fixed before the season is lost...again?
Once thing I do know is that in the time he has been here Maas has shown he is NOT the QB to help this team recover.
Good luck Charlie.
A "Maas Mob" is a useless distraction that serves no purpose whatsoever.

Bingo, Jerk!
That O-Line was atrocious! And, the receiving corps? Gulp. (Hmmm, and the old guy Morealle wasn't good enough to crack that lineup?....oh dear, what I did I start...haha)

Not picking sides in the Maas/Chang debate, hope they both continue to improve.

But I did like the way Chang got after the receiver who didn't break off his pattern when Chang was running for his life. He didn't show him up, but he did explain what needed to be done. I forget which receiver but it wasn't Winfield. :wink:

good point Snocross67-JoJo Walker on the sideline watching his QB scramble with a huge hole in the flat to come back and make a play…film should help with this scenario. Everyone just seemed out of sync and thinking to much (or not enough)

I think with Chang's performance on Saturday night, it shows that the problem is not just with ineffective quarterback play.

That being said, I would prefer the team play Chang because at least his poor decisions are thrown with conviction and he has the ability to buy time with his feet.

I can live with a quaterback that makes the wrong decision but can stretch the field or throw it in tight spots, which is something Jason Maas has shown he can't do at this point.

I realize the problem is with all 12 offensive players not being on the same page, but Maas almost got JoJo Walker killed out there, whether he should have came back to the ball or not!

  • paul

Your right Paully, Walker was lucky he was able to walk away from that one. I thought (hoped) I saw in the replay that the OL collapsing prevented Maas from stepping into the throw at the last second and caused the duck.

Guys as someone
who has played football at the Wideout possion .
You take the risk of the big Hit
every time you go to catch a pass.

Sometime your Hung out to dry .
it not nice but it happens..

QB don't hang out guys intentionally

I wanted to get in this topic but 62 said it right,let Chang get some first team reps in practise and then compare him to Maas.

Yes, but I get the feeling most quarterbacks in the league wouldn't have attempted that throw, let alone one coming off of bicep and shoulder problems. It was a 30 yard wobbly pass hanging out there while arguably the Argo's best defender got a 20 yard run at JoJo.

Whether you played football or not, it wasn't a smart play by Jason Maas and a veteran quarterback shouldn't make that decision.

  • paul