Move Jeese Lumsden to another position?

Should Jesse be moved out of the backfield?
If his running style is making him prone to injuries should the team consider switching him to another position such as slot back. He is at his best just past the line of scrimmage taking advantage of his speed and moves and breaking it open....quick short passes over the middle at full speed...another Rocky Dipietro maybe....any thoughts..???

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Of course, the first hope is that Jesse Lumsden fully recovers from his injuries and becomes one of the leading rushers in the CFL next year. However, if he is unable to stay healthy enough to be an "every down" CFL running back, his combination of size, speed and good hands would still make him an excellent situational running back and/or a very good candidate to convert to slotback (i.e. a faster version of Mike Morreale with the same kind of toughness and determination). Young Mr. Lumsden has too much talent for the Ticats to give up on him.

Jesse had offers to play Collage in US.
They Wanted to be Safety or CB or WR.
No one Wanted him to Play RB ..
So Signed With Mac.

Do think after Struggling to Stay a RB
He'd want to move. I don't

...maybe the people your referring to were able to see Jesses' shortcomings...his shoulders are vulnerable and prone to chronic injuries now...why wait till its too late...sometimes bold moves give bold results...he is too great a player to lose to injuries

(Onknight) Do think after Struggling to Stay a RB He'd want to move. I don't
If Jesse's career depended on which position he played, I think he would opt for any position that would keep him healthier and continue to give him lots of touches of the football.

I like rickp's idea, but I'm not Jesse and more importantly, I'm not Charlie Taaffe.

Its a shame to have to waste his talent as he constantly recuperates from injuries, but then again, who is to say, the same thing won't happen if he moves to another position.

Football is a rough game and Jesse plays it tough. The fact that he is injury prone, (Quoting Taaffe) may follow him through any phase of the game.

There's only one way to find out, and that would be in pre season camp, next season.

getting Jesse the ball upfield is a great idea, But imo his natural position is RB, he has been dinged because of his exceptional talent,Perhaps he should copy eric dickerson and put on more equipment, ie flack jacket, bigger shoulder pads etc, as for getting hurt on desperation tackels the same could happen at any position, then again he could be a great linebacker or safety, iron man o&d- IMo we will never see it because Tafffe is to busey promoting his imports :roll:

And you know this HOW?????

The verdict is not in, folks.

yet been made on this matter.

Neither has his Head Coach
declared Jesse injury prone.

Ken Peters Hamilton Spectator Oct. 2 2007

Tiger-Cat head coach Charlie Taaffe admitted yesterday

that he is worried that his star Canadian tailback
might be becoming injury-prone.

"I’m obviously concerned because he seems
to get dinged almost every time he plays.

Hopefully it is just a rash of bad luck
and he will get it out of him.

He is a tall back (6-foot-2) number one
so he is going to have more exposure

and he does run a little bit upright,
that’s just his natural running style.

So he has more exposure than some
of the shorter backs," Taaffe said,

adding the Cats will try to work with Lumsden
to try to protect himself more at the point of contact.

re rftt- Taaffe,s assesment of Richie Williams seems similar to how he rates lumsden., But if im not mistaken , the only 2 wins the Ticats have were when both were contributing to those wins. May i suggest that had they been used properly the Ticats would be at 500% w/l and Lumsden would have 1500 yards rushing- Compare a f1 season to a football game, How could a top driver lead the point series but only appeared in 30% of the races?, -this is = to giving Lumsden 6 or 7 running carries a game. why was he substituting.???,. He WAS the rushing leader?? Had he gotten his share of downs as the starting rb then he may have been able to get into a rythem and not have been injured, - this falls on Taaffe.IMHO

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Sorry…why do we care so much if or where Lumsden plays? It’s been a great homecoming for a great Canadian back. He’s exciting and we love to cheer a homegrown talent.

But let’s face it people… running backs are a dime a dozen. If he’s going to take up a roster spot from someone who: a) carries just as well; b)plays a full season, I don’t see the dilemma. Hold on to him until next year, see if he heals if not dump him. He dumped the Ticats for the NFL before signing. The Cats will dump him if he can’t play. It’s been an unloyal business relationship all along. Stop stressing over if Lumsden can play.

I’m sure there are many potentially explosive backs in the League sitting on the sidelines ready to play. We’d better sign one soon to compete for the position next year. And may the better back prevail. I care about wins above any one player on this team. Keep him if he’s healthy, plug someone else in if he’s not. He’s a prodigy in the backfield too bad about his injury status. Sorry Jesse it’s just business.

who cares if lumsden doesnt play as a RB for a long time RBs are like shooting guards in basketball, they're dime a dozen and you can always find one, its not a big deal.

Jesse will bring more fans to the games than a dime-a-dozen RB, because he is an exciting player to watch and is somewhat a hometown boy.
Jesse is not a "dime-a-dozen" RB.
Other than Eric Lapointe and briefly Dave Cranmer, I don't remember a good, starting RB in the CFL going all the way back to Ronnie Stewart. I am not counting the many Canadian FB there have been who have been mostly blockers, really just small OL.

Jesse is a running back.

Jesse is a running back. He just happens to be injury prone. He was in U and now he is in the CFL. If you watched him when he came back from the injury, he was running scared. Rather than run through tackles that he normally would run through, he was stopping. He'll be back next year and hopefully he will stay healthy because we all know, the Cats are a better team with him in the lineup.

Wasn't his Dad a slotback?

I said it many games ago. Jessie need to run around defenders rather than lowering the shoulder and trying to run over them. Sometimes contact is unavoidable but with Jessie's speed he should be taking less direct hits. Injury prone, with his style of running I would say so.