Motivation for AC from Senior's Wpg Bro from another mother

You got to like the way he puts out his opinion but leaves himself a door. Puzzy journalism.

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Pretty fair piece. He notes all the troubling signs for our offense but also cautions against writing off the man who seemingly every year silences the critics who think he's too old. One day he will be too old. Is this year that year? One or two games isn't enough to say. But I think that if Anthony's game slips, he will take himself out of the picture. IMO he has too much pride to go out like a McManus, sticking around long past his best before date.

Sometimes it isn't Pride. He likely won't make $300k to $400k every again. He's very much a family man so every season is a lot of cash to secure the future of his family. I don't agree necessarily agree that you let the athlete decide. We sure didn't for quite a few this year...


I don't agree necessarily agree that you let the athlete decide. We sure didn't for quite a few this year...
I think you do it as long as the athlete is still playing at a high level. If Anthony has a poor year, then I think Popp has a tough decision to make in the offseason, particularly with Adrian potentially being a free agent and the expansion draft upcoming. If, however, Anthony has a good year, what do you do? Force him to retire when he's still one of the best quarterbacks in the league? It's a tough spot.

I don't think he's done at all. I think we keep giving him lousy field position and his wide outs aren't getting open very much so teams come blitzing and double team our slotbacks.

Agreed. We need some threat from the wideout spot, and more drives that don’t start from inside our own damn 20. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll do it tonight. Winnipeg is not a defense to face when you’re still trying to sort out issues on offense. They already give us problems and Pierce, for whatever reason, always plays well against us. They’ve also had one more practice than us and one more day off.

They've decided to go with a 6,7" center who's never played the position in his life and has four CFL games under his belt. So there is opportunity there. It shows you they don't respect our defense very much and Buck will have be moving around back there to be able to see downfield. Our defense has to rattle that oline early and often.

I think there is opportunity, but I am not sure we can capitalize on it at the moment. Only one practice, too few linemen dressed, super-humid weather, we're now missing three guys to injury (Bowman, Hopkins, Murrell), and Mullinder is starting at end.


Since the option is always,
"Is Calvillo playing at the highest level...or is he done?"
And not a discussion about whether his obvious reduction in performance
Might elicit serious talk about a reduction in workload...playing time etc

In other words...since there is simply NO compromise on the table whatsoever
It's become important to recognize that this team's season
Indeed...perhaps this team's future itself
May be dependent on carefully monitoring Calvillo's performance

While it's understandable that to those for whom Calvillo is a hero
The important thing to point out
Is that the last 5 (or seven if you count pre-season) losses in a row
Are not ALL Calvillo's fault
Certainly THAT point has been flogged to death in the press and elsewhere

Calvillo's assertions that he simply has no idea
Nor any solutions to why this is happening
hardly inspire confidence that everything is about to be turned around
But give the vague impression of someone simply hoping to hang around as long as possible

The fact remains that the team has been losing
And that under new, athletic and vigorous leadership
It's downward spiral may ultimately be halted...even reversed

So several questions need to be treated seriously:
If the team continues to much longer before we insist Calvillo let go the reigns?
If the team wins...tonight say
But unconvincingly
Or if we win one and then lose one
Do we content ourselves at being the new 50-50 TiCats
Drowning in our own mediocrity?

It's certainly NEVER an easy thing changing quarterbacks in mid-stride
But it's not unheard of:
Lulay a couple years back
Tate last season

While a certain amount of affection and appreciation
Towards someone who's led the team for so many years
Is to be expected
There comes a point when denial morphs into madness
Survival is threatened
And it's simply time to ACT

And even then its complicated because how much of it is the QB's fault. Reality is if there is as much parity as predicted is 9-9 bad ? Maybe, maybe not...


Regardless of how often you do it

I am NOT going to pay ANYONE for continually mentioning my name.


Guess it comes down to how much you care about this team

9-9 is not a winning record
While it might not bother you
Will this city support a mediocre Alouettes team?

History suggests that it WILL NOT

If you want motivation
You got it right there

Glad your not offended... Just having a little fun :wink:

Might be a better idea for folk to attend the game tonight than to go to La Ronde. Man wtf?

Let's go als.