Following a vote of 14-9, the Ottawa City Council has approved the Lansdowne Live proposal. More details to follow.

Great News! With this ownership I'm sure that the Rough Riders....Renegades...Riflemen or any other named team will thrive.
(Just make sure the big R on the helmet comes back).

YESSS this is awesome news, please keep us posted.
RIDER pride is alive.

Hey, everyone. What's new? :wink:

Great news! Congratulations Ottawa and area for saying yes to your local people who have a dream and everyone who stuck with this during times when some people out there said no way. :thup:

Excellent, but is it really true.
And do we have to now wait a further 6 months for on going negotiations between the Hunt group and the city?

Football gods are smiling today...congrats to the LL team and good luck (also to all the Ottawa fans). And for me, I finally have my second favorite team to cheer for again (Go Stamps).

And now we'll see how bad Melnyk wants a team. Maybe he'll put up more of his own money where is mouth is.

Excellent news!!

Do you think maybe Comissioner Cohon will award the Grey Cup to Ottawa in 2011 (or 2012)???

Debate is currently going forward on the Melnyk proposal, vote should be forthcoming shortly.

Two months to negotiate the finer points with Greenberg, then 21 days for the ublic to pipe in again. That's a lot of time fo rDoucet to work on his next batch of lies, but if they haven't gotten him anywhere to this point...

Nope, but when the team becomes official, then the 2014 Cup should as well. :thup:

The City Council voted in favour of entering into study of the Melnyk bid following a three-month time delay. This likely means that the Melnyk bid will be pursued only if the Lansdowne Live effort falls through.


I wonder if soe councillors would vote against Lansdowne Live down the road just to be able to negotiate with Melnyk further?

Well, whatever. They're obviously in the minority. I'm confident in Greenberg's ability to make this an appealing offer for most of council.

It's going to be a bit of a test of willpower and determination. Obviously it looks good for LL but if the demands get too excessive and ridiculous, well, LL group can still walk.

I guess everything is on the table now, from a completely new stadium and to include a new arena for the 67’s since the covered side is part of the arena.

AWESOME, great news!!!! This is a major hurdle cleared. Now onto the negotiations, and hopefully they go smoothly. It sounds like the Hunt group is pretty flexible, so hopefully that makes negotiations a lot easier.


Great news, I'm very happy. All this drama could have come at a better time (I had a department presentation, a take-home exam, a book discussion, and forty-five essays to mark... all of which got neglected in favour of Ottawa's stadium debate), but in the end, everything seems to have worked out.

Way to go city council, way to go everyone who went to speak, way to go everyone who wrote letters, and way to go Lansdowne Live team for hanging in there, I'm sorry I doubted you guys. Now make us proud and work with the city to come up with a plan that everyone can live with. If a successful business model is reached here and in Winnipeg, we'll have a formula to follow in other Canadian cities to update current facilities and build new facilities in expansion markets.

All really good news!

Man, I am SO pumped. We're finally a little closer to seeing the dream realized.

Thanks everyone for your support of the Black Riders through all of this. We showed them at City Hall what sport Ottawa would support.

Looking forward to 2011.