Mother of all Playoff Games

Get your freak on for a mother jumping record breaking Sunday where we take over Hamilton on our way to Football Glory.
Its the big one baby.

I can't wait for the game!

it doesn't get any better than this. let the good times roll my friend. it is going to be a blast of a matchup owing to the Lions woes and Hamiltons painful drought the last few years. I think they each have special reasons to want it BAD.

I've always admired Wally Buono. Wished many times through the drought years that he was the coach for us that could turn it around. Never happened and he'll probably retire a Leo but I hope he coaches the Cats for at one season before hanging it up. Floyd even has nothing against Buono. That could be a problem for us. We play better with a hate-on. I don't know what our level of intensity will be since we all like you guys. Except for Edmonton. They, I'm sure don't like you guys. Has something to do with some game where Geroy Simon torched them for a victory. Couldn't believe that finish, myself! :thup:

Oh Otis may still respect Wally but don't kid yourself that he likes us - he is going to be sky hi for this game and that is going to be a problem for the Lions. After his interception capping Hamiltons win in BC Place earlier in the season he is quoted in the Vancouver Province as saying "I'm going to drink a lot of beer" meaning he is celebrating and there is not a lot of sympathy for his old friends who dumped his sorry ass.
This is going to be a lot of fun to watch.