Most Unpopular player Nominations

There's the molson cup most popular player award. I want to start a poll on here so we can vote for the player that we most love to hate, but I need some more candidates.

Rob Murphy
Brandon Browner
Henry Burris
Davis Sanchez
Wally Buono
Troy Westwood

This is a brilliant thread is it not pretty much a trolling thread if you ask me.

Come on zbest, if you are really gonna start a thread like this then pick one player from each team....Troy doesn't play anymore, wally is not a player and what is wrong with Burris? I am probably the only rider fan who still loves Henry and would take him back in a heartbeat.

Throw Scott Schultz's name up on that list.

That's why I opened it up for nominations, I'm thinking Dante Marsh made a few enemies in Regina last time he was there. And Tom Canada was a bit of a big meanie during the Zeke Moreno trade.

Anybody else come to mind?

Although a lot of Rider fans like him, you could make a case for Durant. Someone pointed out that he has become a bit of whiner lately... so he could easily be on this list-- having said that, I do agree with 05, this seems to be a troll thread..

It really doesn’t have to be a troll thread. The only way it is is if people overreact. Pick a player you don’t like. People, don’t get offended if somebody doesn’t like a player on your team.

personally I dont like either Burris or McCallum anymore. Its because of the way they acted after they were traded towards the Rider fans. And McCallum was my favorite Rider before the trade. (McCallum may have had a right to his feelings towards some of the Rider fans, but, I believe Burris asked for the trade).

I agree about McCallum. I used to really like the guy and stood up for him when everyone else wanted to drive him out of town. I was pretty disappointed in his comments after the last game here when he put all Rider fans in the same category and put down the entire city of Regina, not to mention brought Clermont's name into it. I'm pretty sure Jason wasn't too happy with him after that either.

He was a free agent at least if you are going to hate the guy get the story straight.

Adriano Belli

I vote for Todd

my point was that he got what he wanted, in going to a different team, so why did he feel the need to mock the fans when he came back.

I dont care that he left to go to a team he felt was better for him. Hes entitled to that. Even tho to the fans, its a passion for a team, for the players (for the most part) its a job. Its the way he acted once he left that I have a problem with.

This is coool, but we need some sort of structure. So here, from West to East:

BC - Rob Murphy
Calgary - Brandon Browner
Edmonton -
Saskatchewan - Scott Schultz
Winnipeg - Tom Canada
Hamilton -
Toronto - Adriano Belli
Montreal -

We have a few holes to fill, not to mention a couple of multiple nominees.

I gotta think Casey and Jesse are high on the Tabbies hate-list. Too bad Gass retired in Edmonton, he was a shoe-in.

Montreal - hard as it may be to believe, they seem to be a bunch of more or less nice guys.

Rob Murphy
Brandon Browner
Scott Schultz
Tom Canada
Adriano Belli
Davis Sanchez
Casey Printers

Probably start the poll thread tomorrow, I can't think of anyone else we really love to hate.

Surprised at people's reaction to this. Good dirty players help build rivalries and hype games and build the CFL fanbase. Having a few around the league is healthy. And the bad guys need some recigonition too.

Yes, what would the league do without Murphy… :?

I can guarantee people will start to get offended and the pissing matches will start.

I'm amazed. We can say pissing, we can say god damn, but we can't say "ess-you-cee-kay.

Very weird....

Rider fans need to get over Burris and move on already..