Most under rated player in the league...

And the award goes to Goss, I started this thread because everyone left him off their respected lists for allstars so far this year. Ask any coach in the league and they'd probably tell you that he is the best db in the league, if not the best than top 3 for sure. The guy doesn't get the pub of a Tay Cody because all he does is blanket who ever he is on, so he doesn't get a chance to make many big plays or get mentioned much because no one will throw in his direction.

actually, disciplineandpunish had Jason Goss on his All-Star list. but you're right, Goss is a shutdown halfback. Quarterbacks avoid him, but, even still, he's had several huge INT returns this year. I think Cody is one of the best tacklers of all CFL DBs, but you're right that Goss is the smoother of the two in coverage.

He must be good I never heard of him! :lol:

You don't remember his 110 yard int, t.d return against your Stamps?

Standford Samuels, the guy can play...DB or weak side linbacker...he's a gem, just don't say his name to to keep it, a Bomber secret, NFL scouts are like the CIA, into everybody's buisness..they just might be viewing this forum right now.....?

Actually I don't!

they're already looking at Stanford piggy...i wish they would buzz off ...and at least let the Bombers keep him for a little while...this kid is 'very good' ...and very under-rated...'
Jason Goss is another one...great talent... :thup:

Don’t worry. NFL scouts generally don’t take our best players. They looks at our guys on paper and call those who seem to fit that way.

That would explain why they called guys like DJ Johnson or Thyrone Anderson, but never gave a look to the likes of Charles Roberts (too small) or Ben Cahoon (too slow).