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I just found this pretty interesting

This is "prairiedog" 's analysis of the esks coming into this season(from I'd have to say that I am very impressed(and surprised :slight_smile:) that there are some intelligent and unbiased riders fans out there. I'd probably have to agree with everything he said.

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**Troy Davis is an excellent running back, not only carrying the ball but in a blocking role as well. This should not be overlooked. Will Ricky Ray go 7 games without a TD pass ever agin? NO! That was an abberration of cosmic proportions, largely aided by the fact that during the drought he actually sneaked across from the 1 several times taking away his own potential passing strikes. There is nothing wrong with Ricky Ray. Ed Hervey is a terriffic receiver, no matter what anyone thinks of his mouth and Mookie Mitchell may be old, but he's still clutch. Then there's Tucker of course. As long as the Esks can get pass protection the offense will be in fine shape, especailly when you factor in that they don't have to play against their own #1 ranked D. Will Edmonton get the pass protection they need? I say they have a much better chance of that than BC does. They have had problems the last couple years, but mostly due to nicks and injuries and shuffling around the spots. Beaton has retired and that's bad news and so is Lefsrud in limbo. It looks like the star center will at least not start the season if not play at all this year and that will hurt, but Comiskey and Bakker are there from the Hamilton trade(s) (plural optional :stuck_out_tongue:). All they need is a little cohesion, perhaps something that the new o-line coach Brennan can deliver. The line is still a question mark but nowhere near as big as in BC. As mentioned, Edmonton has the #1 ranked defense and for good reason. Even with Montford gone, the Esks (again just like everybody else) have good pass rush. New faces are Rob Brown (from Als) and Anthony Collier (Gades). Linebackers are solid with the old-school smashmouther AJ Gass in the middle, and the highly mobile and versatile Singor Mobley and Stephen Marsh on the outside. As long as the Esks can avoid coverage mismatches against Gass (which they did a fairly good job of last season), expect another #2 or #1 defense ranking again this year. The secondary is as good as they come with wily veterans Garrett and Brady and very promising newcomer Keyou Craver who did not look at all out of place in the playoffs last year. Furthermore Reggie Durden is a very nice upgrade over Davis "dirty" Sanchez both on and off the field and Kelly Witshire is easliy the best non-import safety in the league. Sean Fleming handling the kicking duties once again means no problems here, and of course the Esks have the west's best special teams return ace gamebreaker in Tony Tompkins.
**Bottom line: Evil Empire strikes again with another title. 1st place at 11-7.
**Prove me wrong?: Offensive line problems continue to plague, throwing off Ray's rhythm, causing offensive inconsistencies, and in a division this tight, could drop them out of the post season for the first time in 35 years

wow what analysation clap clap

This shouldn't come as any surprise....The defending Champs SHOULD be seeded #1 as the team to beat. They should be the team that the others have in the "Cross Hairs".

.....absolutely Sporty, and aside from Maas, the personnel that has left seems to be covered by suitable replacements proving once again the depth of the EE recruitment system...the O line will be the biggest question for the EEs, can they gel quickly enough to keep RR out of for my boys in red to try to exploit this potential weak spot in the first couple of games......but no doubt the EEs as a whole are a force to contend with.......should be real fun.........

It's gonna be a great year vs. the stamps this year. It's going to be very competitive and very agressive!

The Eskimos have now 3 retirements on the oline, and that could be a huge factor in where they finish this year. If they find talent that can replace them , they should be OK, but if they dont, I can Ricky Ray being hit a lot this year.

I'm pretty worried about the OL personally. They have a couple imports in camp again, but it remains to be seen how the line will shape up. It's not like Ray is a mobile guy or anything.

I'm pretty sure we're going to get by with what we have on the o-line this year. Expect Mcgrath and Kabongo to step into a solid starting role this year. I predict we'll have one import starting on the line this year, Raleigh Roundtree.

Why are you predicting Roundtree?

If he can keep up with the pace of the CFL he'll be a monster on the o-line with his huge size. And from what I heard, he looked pretty impressive at TC today; whereas Kabongo got burned a few times.

Roundtree is a South Carolina State product who was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in the 4th round (109th overall) in the 1997 NFL Draft. He spent five years with the Chargers before signing as a free agent with the Arizona Cardinals in 2002.

I was there as well and Roundtree looked okay, but did not stand out in my opinion. He is big, and the footwork is good but he is an import and because of that he may need to be exceptional to win a spot. Day 1 he was not exceptional.

They all took turns getting burned in the one on one's and were dominated at times in the controlled scrimmage.

Hey it's early yet, we're only on Day 2 now so lets give him a week and then see how he fits in. Don't forget they will be looking at Shantz and McClane very closely this year as well.


I went today(day 2), and you're right, it looks like all of them were getting burned at one point or another. After seeing Roundtree, he did look pretty intimidating with his size on the field, but he seemed to be a bit slow. From what I've seen today, I'd have to change my original prediction, I'm not so sure if he'll make the team(being a NI).