Most Touchdowns Quarterback Receiver Duo

What are the top 5 most Touchdowns by a Quarterback Receiver combo?

Just guessing here, but I suspect that the list would have to include :

Flute to Pitts
Jones to Stegall

It’s hard to find info, but Jones to Stegall has to be near the top with 62 touchdowns.


For perspective, Darren Flutie and Ben Cahoon had 66 and 65 receiving touchdowns in their entire careers, respectively. Allen Pitts had 49 receiving touchdowns in the four years that Doug Flutie was on the team (not sure how many of those were thrown by Flutie).

The Condrege Holloway - Terry Greer combo connected for an astounding 42 TD’s and 5,981 yards in just 4 seasons (and only 62 games in total) between 1982-1985
…and this was accomplished during the period of 16 game season schedules!

Had Greer not left for the NFL in 1986 who knows what this tandem could have
achieved together.

To put things in even greater perspective, prorated to a full 18 game schedule over the same 4 seasons, this duo would have accounted for 49TD’s and 6,948 yards!
not to mention that Greers’ record setting 2,003 receiving yards in 1983 (in 16 games) would have been an even more astounding 2,254 yards over an 18 game season.


Also, between 1979-1983, the Warren Moon to Brian Kelly combo accumulated a total of 50TD’s and 6,298 yards in just 69 games together.
Prorated to a full 18 game schedule over the same 5 year period, the numbers would have been a near unfathomable 65TD’s and 8,217 yards!

and had Moon not also defected to the NFL, these two would have tabbed much more than that.

Unfortunately, due to the modern day player carousels and NFL defections such pairings are becoming a scarce rarity aside from 1 or 2 seasons of continuity.

56 of Flutie’s TD catches were when he was on the same team as Danny Mac. No idea how many, if any, were from the backup QB. And all of Cahoon’s TD catches were in the Calvillo years. Same question, though.

As for Krol/Copeland, the stats aren’t available, but I suspect that the numbers aren’t that high, given the era they played in. Probably high for the era, but not by today’s standard.

Another pair could be Jackson/Tucker. Tucker had 53 TD catches, all in the Jackson years.

McManus and Calvillo, as much as any QBs in recent decades, were known for playing virtually all of the time. Their backups never got meaningful stats.

For others mentioned in this thread that was not the case. Moon was part of a two-QB system with Wilkinson for his first few years (to a lesser extent as time went on), while Holloway shared a lot of playing time with Joe Barnes. Neither would have accounted for anywhere close to all of the TD passes caught by their receiver counterparts.

Not official, going by the touchdowns while playing together. Like others have said not sure about backup quarterbacks during the season.

Jones/Stegall 62
Calvillo/Cahoon 65
Lancaster/Campbell 60
Moon/Scott 58
Austin/Elgaard 57
McManus/Flutie 56
Dewalt/Fernandez 55
Jackson/Tucker 53
Dickenson/Simon 52
Moon/Kelly 50
Flute/Pitts 49
Holloway/Greer 42

Can anyone verify?