Most Toronto Maple Laff's have little class

Reading this today in the Hamilton paper and shows you how limited the Laffs are, except Stajan, where they can't follow both the CFL and NFL a bit due to limited brain capabilities and have no class :wink: :

"It's definitely an NFL room in here," Raycroft added. "I think Stajan is the only one who's got tickets for the Grey Cup. He's all fired up about that but he's really the only one."

Surely, Wade Belak must care. The Leafs tough guy hails from Saskatoon. "I'm NFL too," Belak said with a grin."

I guess Paul Godfrey owns these guys also. But then, they are hockey players afterall, enough said.

...or maybe they just prefer the NFL. Really, this stupid rivalry people create between the two leagues is petty, and needs to stop.

The reporters just love this stuff and can't get enough of it, I guess it sells papers.

Whatever you prefer, I personally would take the high road when the media asks me about something as prized as the Grey Cup, a great Canadian trophy and tradition even if you don't like the CFL much. But no, a lot of folks don't have any class to do so. It's like me, when my baseball crazy cousins talk about the Jays, I go along and ask them questions and that, I don't say I don't care for MLB or the World Series, I take the high road.

I'll never understand why people think they can only like one league. Don't they realize that they're only limiting themselves?

Come on! Three great NFL games on tonight, morning NFL game at noon on Sunday, then the Grey Cup on Sunday evening, followed by a late NFL game, and then another NFL game on Monday night.

All the football you can handle! :smiley:

Makes perfect sense to me Chief! But then, I just love watching guys throw themselves around on a football field, whatever amount of downs or players on the field or what the heck have you. And I respect a Canadian tradition and trophy like the Grey Cup big time, like I do any Canadian icon symbol regardless of whether I care for it or like it or not. I can't stand the Leafs as a hockey team but for sure respect and honour the team and it's Canadian tradition and would be honoured to wear that sweater regardless and wouldn't publicly, if I was anyone who mattered to the media, appear to put the team down.

I think Raycroft dropped to his knees before the reporter fired the question and it went over his head.

What do the Leafs know anyway? They havent won a Stanley Cup in 40 yrs, and I dont see that changing anytime soon.

LOL - Love those Leafs, but this is about the funniest thing I read all week. Thanks for the laugh.

Good one ruff for sure!

Chief.. the NFL is B O R I N G!!

that's why so many of us don't watch it.

cfl, what's the main reason you find the NFL boring? For me, it's just that I have no vested interest in any of the teams as a Canadian based team and league. But the actual play of the games is great as a football fan even if some of the rules I'm not too keen on. I can still have a favourite team in the NFL and cheer for them. Nothing is perfect about any league, right? quote i always liked over the years..with regards to the nfl....was by a fellow who said after watching a No Fun League game...' it was like watching a bunch of elephants dancing on a postage stamp' ... lol.. i agreed.. their restricted field obviously does nothing to enhance the game :wink: :lol:

How is it boring? You guys obviously weren't watching the right games... :expressionless:

They have as many championships in the last 40 years as the Riders do. And considering the bigger league in the NHL i would have to say the Riders have worse history than the Leafs.(This coming from a guy who hates the Leafs with a passion)

The Leafs are boring to watch, so why wouldn't they like the NFL better. It more in their boring style. The CFL is too fast for them. lol

The other way to look at it is the Leafs probably don't watch Friday Night football since they're a fixture on Saturday nights and they probably miss a substantial part of the season when they're playing on the road. A quick look at the roster shows that Stajan's the only one from a CFL city. Ironically the GTA.

What Stelco smelter have you been sticking your head into? Let's recap:

Number of Grey Cups won by the Riders since Canada's Centennial: 1
Number of Stanley Cups won by the Leafs during the same period: 0

I overlooked Steen...and here's some more on Belak.

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