Most talented QB tandem ever?

Events of the last 24 hours or so got me thinking about how hard it seems to be to keep two highly talented QBs on a roster. Then I thought about some dynamic duos of the past. Measured by pure talent (and not necessarily by whether they were both in their prime at the same time), I think these pairs stand out:

Doug Flutie / Jeff Garcia (Calgary)
Russ Jackson / Ron Lancaster (Ottawa)
Warren Moon / Tom Wilkinson (Edmonton)
Tom Clements / Condredge Holloway (Ottawa)
Matt Dunigan / Damon Allen (Edmonton) (could actually throw Ham in as well)
Tracy Ham / Anthony Calvillo (Montreal)

You forgot Jason Boltus/Justin Goltz (Winnipeg)

Condredge Holloway / Joe Barnes (Toronto)

I recall Obie mentioning that a few years ago when he was questioned about a 2 QB system/approach.

Don't forget Max Hall.

I find all three of them very forgettable.

Anyway, add in:

Sonny Wade/ Joe Barnes
Sonny Wade/ Jimmy Jones

Kerrigan n portis n later years the great tim rosenbach

Jackson and Lancaster would be my top one, followed by Clements and Holloway.

don't forget our very own Zuger/Faloney.

but if I had to pick an all time tandem, it would have to be Moon/Wilkinson, both of which were integral components of 4 consecutive Grey Cup victories from 1978-1981.

Jason Mass :cry: :cry: :cry:
Timmy Chang :roll: :roll: :roll:

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

So maybe they didn’t play in a 2 QB system as such, perhaps the list could include

Montana / Young
Bledsoe / Brady

Pretty good combos who didn’t play together but were a QB tandem and certainly meant a lot to the teams they were on.

You could probably add Garcia/Dickenson to your list. I think Moon/Wilkinson is a slam dunk though, with honorable mention to Dunigan/Allen.

Ray and Maas were another good tandem, as was Dickenson and (gasp) Printers.

Maybe not the best talent but the best combined name>>>>
Joe Barnes John Hufnagel known affectionately as JJBarnesnagel

Perfect sports thread. No way to compare across eras, loads of room for argument… I LOVE IT!

Hard for me - regardless of some previous poster’s slam dunk - but I can’t decide between Flutie/Garcia and Lancaster/Jackson.

Different eras.

I am also presuming that this thread is taking into account these players IN THE CONTEXT OF THE CFL. Flutie was fun in the NFL but superb in the CFL.