Most Promising New QB

We had a couple more QBs making their first starts this week. Which of the four new QBs below do you think has the most potential going forward?

I like Maier, though he has the benefit of having played more than the others in the list. I thought Watford looked very good too.

  • Nathan Rourke, BC
  • Jake Maier, Calgary
  • Taylor Cornelius, Edmonton
  • David Watford, Hamilton

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I like the Maier kid.

As for Watford, good on him to get the job done this week but he's been around a while now and has never shown anything spectacular. Then again, neither did Fajardo until week 2 2019.

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I don't know how Cal. can keep this kid Maier out of the no 1 spot behind centre....Bo will have to be relegated to back-up, because of the two, Maier looks to be the better prospect....


He really does. I wonder if they'll start keeping Bo on a shorter leish from now on. If they'd gone with Maier to start the second half against Hamilton, they might've won the game.


I went with Rourke only because I’m a homer, but what I have seen from a couple of the others I think QB situation in the CFL looks promising as we move forward.

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This is too soon for me to vote on this and not enough QBs in the league now.

They need to go back to 3 quarterbacks on game rosters too. Players are getting hurt more, not less, despite more measures to prevent injury than in the history of the game.

Put the numbers on your side CFL.

If Maier keeps playing like he has then BLM might be invited into the office for a polite chat about restructuring his contract. Isn't he the highest paid QB in the league (or at least reaching the back end of his current contract would make him so)?

Watford seems to blow hot and cold. Hopefully he thrives under pressure because he must know the door is shutting on pro football for him if he can't cut it this season.

Rourke could be good as long as the commentators/league media/social media don't overdo the "Great Canadian Hope" angle and he doesn't feel any pressure from it. The "Russ Jackson is God" angle gets boring after It's been mentioned for the 1000th time.

Quick edit to add a reply to Paolo_X:

I wonder if there would be any appetite for some kind of QB "flat salary" rule to create a spot for 3rd stringers?

What I mean by this is, the Global players are all on CFL minimum as a consequence of their Global status, so maybe there could be a set QB3 salary of (random figures) 80-90k. This ensure that teams don't spend massively on a player who may not see the field but is around just in case. For the players, it will be a more tempting prospect than the practice squad, and given the amount of players FCS and D2/3 NCAA churns out, there will surely be SOMEONE who is realistic about having no NFL shot or scouting interest but sees or is helped to see Canada as an option (J. Maier). You could even really push the boat out and sign a Canadian!

What they could do is allow teams to dress three QBs if one of them is a National. That would help address the emergency need in the case of the first two falling to injury, and it would help to develop more National presence in the highest-profile position.


Je pense que Maier a un avenir dans cette ligue. Pour une recrue, il n'a pas froid aux yeux, est prêt à encaisser le coup si ça peut donner une chance à son receveur, il n'est pas perdu dans ses lectures et joue du bon football à l'intérieur de ses limites. Il a une bonne technique de passe, ce qui lui donne plus de précision que certains partants de cette ligue.

Il est entre bonnes mains, aussi Mitchell a intérêt à revenir avec de solides prestations.

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Jake Maier needs to get out of Calgary quick otherwise he'll languish on the bench for the next five or ten years behind the chosen one. His potential will be limited by his lack of opportunity.

Watford will remain a backup as long as he, Masoli and Evans share the same team.

Nathan Rourke will never take another snap in BC unless Riley goes down in a heap. They were up 4 TD's against Ottawa in the forth quarter yet it was Riley who finished the game.

That leaves Cornelius. He's got three games to prove himself and I THINK he's going to improve every game to the point where Harris might find himself in one of those 'quarterback controversies'. My money's on Cornelius as having the best chance to unseat a starter. :smiley: :+1:

Definitely Maier. Watford looked alright, but I need to see more of the rest
get some playing time before making any sort of judgement on them.

He looked pretty good on Saturday for his two plays :smiley:


No love for the lone Canadian on the list? For shame, group!

We are truly an unworthy bunch. Shall we toss ourselves into the pit filled with money and gratuitous sex as punishment (I think it's in the north endzone)? :grin:


From what i've seen. Maier looks the best potential, and I believed he has already proven he can get the job done. IMO, he can only improve. Cornelius had a rough start, but I also think with more experience he will be a good starter, he has a great arm and as he gets more comfortable with the CFL game he should improve as well. Watford is a serviceable backup. Rourke another young guy from the states has potential, he has a cannon arm too. I'm not familiar with Canadian University Quarterbacks, but I've heard that O'Connell or is it O'Donnell? in Calgary will need a chance to succeed but he is behind Maier.