Most Popular Players

I was wondering who you think is the most popular players amongst fans for each team. I tried looking for stats on how many jerseys teams sell of each player but as you would guess i came up empty.

i think it goes something like this:

WPG- Obviously Stegall
MTL- Cahoon/Calvillo
EDM- Ray
CGY- Burris
TOR- Not a clue
SASK- No idea i'll just guess it will be Clermont this season
HAM- Rodriguez/Porter
BC- Logan/Wake

I would say Lumsden for Hamilton. As for Toronto, I personally like O'shea and Belli.


-Stefan Logan
-Cameron Wake

-Ricky Ray

-Henry Burris

-Jason Clermont (i would agree that he will become instantly one of the more popular players)
-Weston Dressler
-Andy Fantuz

Blue Bombers:
-Milt Stegall

-Mike O'shea
-Adriano Belli

-Quintin Porter
-Prechae Rodriguez
-Jessie Lumsden

-Anthony Calvillo
-Ben Cahoon

how about Tom Canada in winnipeg? Arland Bruce & Dorsey in toronto?

Geroy Simon for BC??
For my Riders, the most popular player is ALWAYS the backup qb :lol:

Seems to me that's often true in Hamilton and Winnipeg as well.............

that is true in saskatchewan as well. even when kent austin was there. everyone body liked tom burgess better.

of course geroy simon for bc!

gotta be Geroy :rockin:

What no love for Wes Cates?

Is Kenton Keith popular with hamilton fans?

Has he been there long enough?

well clermont hasn't even played a down with the riders but i am sure he has become instantly one of the fan favorites.

so i think there is something whether fans like a player immediately. and then it grows either way from then on.

WPG- Obviously Stegall
MTL- Cahoon/Calvillo
EDM- Ray
CGY- Burris
TOR- Belli / O'Shea
SASK- Cates thisn year, Clermont next year
HAM- The Mascot.....Porter maybe?
BC- Simon

No. Everyone doesn't like him because he was signed to replace our native son Jesse Lumsden.

He also go hurt as well which ticked people off. When you get a cut right to the bone in Montreal, that is just a freak accident.

He also didn't run much in the final few games. For some reason, Hamilton abandoned the running game once Taffe was let go. We didn't run much at the end of the season.

I personally love Kenton Keith and with a CFL training camp under his belt, he will be just fine and no one will remember Lumsden because he will be on the IR on another team.

BC - Geroy
Cal - Burris
Edm - Ray
SSK - Fantuz
Wpg - Stegall
Ham - Terry Caulley (eveyone loves this guy here in the Hammer!)
Tor - Bruce
Mtl - Calvillo

Clermont is from Regina. It is quite a different situation, really

Terry Caully? really, i didn't realize that. hmm. there is so many quality running backs in hamilton.

you got, Caully, lumsden, keith, williams (but he is more of a blocker though and doesn't put up much yards), tre smith. am i missing anyone? isn't there a young guy out of a canadian school on the roster as well? it will be interesting to see what happens next season in the ti0cats back field. QB and RB.

everyone loves caulley. fans want to see him be the starter over keith and smith.

we had giffin but we cut him in training camp, he went back to skool and has now signed with Montreal.

my opinion is that keith is the starter at rb and porter is the starting QB.

winnipeg likes Milt, Romby Bryant, Tom Canada, and Doug Brown best

B.C. has to be Simon, Clermont (before and after) and I think Logan and Paris Jackson are becoming fan favourites.