Most Penalties

Watching the Montreal at Calgary game it appeared Montreal was taking alot of penalties. Over the years the Trestman teams have appeared more disciplined. I checked the stats and Montreal does lead the league in penalities and yards.

Montreal - 143 penalties for 1470 yards
Winnipeg - 140 penalties for 1261 yards
Edmonton - 129 penalties for 1225 yards
Calgary - 127 penalties for 1206 yards
BC - 140 penalties for 1191 yards
Hamilton - 128 penalties for 1070 yards
Saskatchewan - 105 penalties for 884 yards
Toronto - 101 penalties for 819 yards

Wow. I'm surprised Toronto has the fewest penalty yards. Seems like the last couple years the Argos were constantly getting into penalty trouble. Guess that's another feather in Barker's cap.

Also surprised to see Calgary has the fourth most.

if you are not getting many PI penalties, it means your coverage is too slack.

I was not able to watch the BC - WPG game but I would have considered a BC kickoff from the WPG's 35 yard line to be a once in a life's time occurance. That game moved BC from an average penalized team to one of the top ones. Bad Bad BC. Wally's not going to be happy.

Montreal - 156 penalties for 1619 yards
BC - 160 times for 1340 yards
Winnipeg - 150 penalties for 1332 yards
Edmonton - 138 penalties for 1318 yards
Calgary - 139 penalties for 1307 yards
Hamilton - 138 penalties for 1130 yards
Saskatchewan - 112 penalties for 954 yards
Toronto - 107 penalties for 840 yards

YAY we're #2!!!