Most Overrated Team

Who do you think is the most overrated team in the league.

I would have to say BC, since they almost lost the west final to .500 club and then stunk it up in the GC game.

Also, the most underrated would have to be Edmonton, if they can find a consistent running back they could steam roll through the west, as much as it pains me to say that.

Saskatchewan in my opinion and then Edmonton. BC is for real.

Toronto. They have no offence and Calgary's D is better.

Overrated?!? hhhmmmm

on this site, I’d say Montreal

in the media, it’s Edmonton

Overall, Saskatchewan

underrated over all, is my team, Winnipeg and Ottawa

MONTREAL, is the most over rated team.....

The most under rated teams are Hamilton , Calgary and Ottawa.

I agree Montreal is by far the most overrated team, everywhere you turn it's Montreal this and Montreal that but the fact is they haven't won a Grey Cup in a couple of years now, they're not that great people ESPECIALLY now that they lost some key guys in the offseason.

overrated-Toronto… last year they got hot at the rite time… just good timing, not that great a team

Most overrated = Calgary by far. The fact that anyone is giving them a snowball's chance in hell is utterly laughable.

Most underrated = Hamilton.

haha... i love that, even though I've heard it alot.. snow balls chance in hell... chuckle

Whether a team is overrated or underrated depends on public expectations and actual performance. Overrated teams such as Hamilton. Winnipeg and Montreal appear to be in decline. Underrated teams such as Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton are improved and on the rise. BC and Saskatchewan seem to be neither over or under rated. Although Toronto might win more games, there are doubts about repeating Grey cup success this season. We will find out in the future.

Most overrated - Calgary
Most underrated - Ottawa

You make some excellent points here. :smiley:

And injuries are something that no one can perdict.......

Every year in the CFL......there are surprize teams , and there are great teams that disappoint........... :smiley:

Repeating a GREY CUP , will not be easy..........for the ARGOS , as every one is gunning for them , and as we all know, in the CFL play offs, any thing can happen.........

However , in order to make an educated guess about who will do well................we have to look at some indicaters , that may help us be correct or , who was last years champs? , how many stars did they lose? , what is their Q.B. situation [could be, the ARGOS downfall]? , are they getting too old?........ect.........

NO team stays on top , forever........and I believe that MONTREAL will need to rebuild , as WINNIPEG, Calgary are doing now..........B.C. is still hungry, good , and want to prove themselves [great Q.B., situation] , as will MONTREAL , but is it too late for this team? What if A.C. goes down?

SASK...........have a good team , but they need that killer instinct.
And not to lose those games at the end.

Ottawa , just needs to win more games than last year , and they could if they stay injury free..............HAMILTON very under rated and I think that they will do allot better than most people think.....


Overated = Saskatchewan.....No real upgrades during the off season. (Marcus Crandell...Hmmm we'll see.

Underated Edmonton. A lot of Posters have picked them third or even forth. Edmonton have a good QB duo of Ray and Mass. Excellent receivers Tucker, Hervey. The area that I thought they were weak in, they upgraded...that was Defensive back. Davis Sanchez (If he can check his attitude) will be a big upgrade. Chris Beaton Un-retiring will strengthen the O-line. Mountford and WIltshire are an improvement. Edmonton will give BC a run for first place this year. Injuries to either club could determine who finishes first in the West!

Most overrated team is the Stamps! They missed the playoffs the last 3 years i believe , won 4 games last year, and now they add a new head coach [ yeah that's been working for you the last 3 years] and a good receiver. AlaKazam there playoff and grey cup bound! give me a break, all this stamp talk makes me laugh.

Underrated are the Riders, even tho i hate this team with a passion after the playoff loss last season they have a really stingy D and a great running game, and their fans , well, after the painful loss it was still a hell of a time with them at the bars after the game!


No overrated teams in my eyes until a couple of weeks into the season then we'll see who the contenders and pretenders are. So I will post later.

EDMONTON, :smiley: always has a good contender , and if both of there Q.B.s can stay healthy…WATCH OUT …every one.

You're contradicting yourself. By your own statements, how can you say Hamilton is "overrated" when the "public expectations" (except here in Hamilton) are practically nil? And how can you say they are "in decline" when according to their "actual performance" (that being last year's 9-8-1 record) they are in fact on an upswing?

Montreal is the most overrated team. They have been in decline for 3 years, but no one pays attention to that.

The most underrated is Winnipeg. They were in the hunt for the playoffs until the last game of the season last year, and it was a year of transition. I think they have improved but they are in a tough division.

How can Edmonton be underrated when quite everyone sees them #1 or #2 overall? Edmonton is a powerhouse.

Most underrated is Ottawa, because we quite never had the chance to see the whole healthy team on the field. Our assessment of that team are based on our souvenirs of a team filled with back-ups. I think they were pretty much healthy last season when they started with a 3-0 record. Then, they started filling up Ontario's hospitals.

As for overrated, I think it is harder to tell. Maybe there is no team really overrated.

It's depth that counts in this League, obviously, but after seeing the Ottawa and Montreal ex-game at FCS I would have to rate Montreal highly (but you'd better get a decent back-up QB) and our Renegades low. I don't think the Rens are under-rated. I think they are where they should be, and that's coming from a Gades fan. We lost our starting Center, tried 4 different guys, and look at all the missed snaps that resulted. Our import left Tackle (Nelson) went down, Montreal picked up on it, and creamed the QB (Pederson). We've got a kicker that can't see straight, and a guy who may do the job, but isn't experienced at field goals (Fleming).
It's starting all over again like last year. One or two injuries have already caused dissarray. And if one or two injuries can do that, then you have no real depth.
So, right now, I'd have to say that Montreal is not over-rated, and Ottawa is and should remain rated low until our depth at key positions improves.