Most Overrated Team

Who do you think is the most overrated team in the league.

I would have to say BC. They almost lost to a .500 Rider team in the west final last season and basically stunk it out in the GC game against Toronto.

Also, who is the most underrated team. I would have to go with Edmonton, if they find a running back who can be consistent I think they could steam roll through the west all the way to the GC, as much as it pains me to say that.

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The Als are the most overrated and the Riders are the most underrated.

I’d say BC or Argos are most overrated that’s not to say they are not good or won’t do well this year. Ottawa and Calgary are the most underrated teams in my opinion - again, I do think that neither team will get as far as playoff final games.

i think hamilton is the most underrated and BC is the most overrated…

The Riders are overrated at 4th

Trolling again redwhite20005? Watch out ther’re coming!

i seriously think the riders are most overrated.

the argos, allouettes, esks, and lions actually have good teams, they are not just overrated cuz they are high. then you got people saying the riders are rated up there with them, but they simply have nothing to show for it.

Toronto is always over-rated,Ti-Cats under-rated

Most over rated? Gotta be the Riders. Last time the Riders won the Grey Cup, most Rider fans who post on this and other message boards were still in diapers. Back then, the diapers were called Pampers. The next time the Riders win the Grey Cup, these same Rider fans will be back in diapers. Only then they will be called Depends. :mrgreen:

Go Esks :smiley:

Montreal and Saskatchewan are hugely overrated in the fact that both teams are 1hit away from losing their starting QB’s and not having adequate backups. Edmonton and BC have that covered with Maas and Printers waiting in the wings. Good teams win games. Great teams win with their backups able to do the job.

I agree with you on this one!

Look at this guy, after 89 when they did win the cup they had a bad team for a while, but now, Saskatchewan has one of the best teams in the league, they are sooo under rated b/c of ppl like this guy. I knew it was either a Bomber or a Eskimo fan who wrote that one lol. Saskatchewans been in the close the past few years and honestly shouldve been in the Grey Cup last year if McCallum didnt miss the easy kick, but hey, shit happens. This year they are gonna win it.

Saskatchewan is the most overrated team out there. Nealon Greene has to be the most overrated QB out there. He’s been in the league a long time and has never shown himself to be phenomenal. And, as was said before he’s one hit away from being out again (the fact that he’s been injured before doesn’t help this). I am a long, long ways from being sold on Greene. I honestly do not think he’s that good of a QB - he’s never done anything significant, like a Calvillo, Allen or Dickenson. I’d even say that Joseph and Khari Jones are better than Greene. Nealon Greene is not a name that comes to mind quickly - at all - when you say CFL quarterback. And that’s not because he’s never been around - it’s because he’s never done anything significant. I’d be able to come up with 11 current CFL QBs before Greene came to mind.
Must underrated team? I’d say Calgary or Hamilton. Everyone else is about where they belong. Winnipeg and Ottawa suck; BC and Montreal don’t; Edmonton probably won’t (unfortunately); Toronto’s going to continue strong (though I would consider them the 2nd-most overrated team)

I have to say that Toronto is most over-rated. This is because I find that they struggle on offense and only accomplish things because their defense or special teams gives the good field position. Don’t get me wrong, Damon Allen is a hell of a QB, but they still struggle on offense in my mind. Avery hasn’t been the same since he came back from the NFL. The most under-rated?? Probably Hamilton. I don’t think people under-rate Calgary anymore. I think they know they are going to be more of a threat than last year.

In my mind people under-rate the Riders, and Rider fans over-rate the Riders.