Most Over-Rated Players/Coaches

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Where is Nichols going? Who is looking? the only real potential is Saskatchewan if they don’t re-sing Durant. if they do, then they are in the driver’s seat with Nichols talks and he has zero leverage if he wants to start, and he won’t get more as a backup elsewhere. The only way Nichols is not back is if they land Durant or or Franklin IMO…neither is a horrid situation to be in.

His favorite is actually Ryan Smith, not Dressler, so you presently have a couple. Last year DD stated that if he was building a team from scratch that Smith would be his first pick. That said, he stated this season that the increased overall size of his receivers let him do things he never could before and that he loved it.

Nike Lewis!!! unless he plays offensive line next year????????


He is coming off of an 1100+ yard season and made the most receptions of his career...he is 10/13 for 1000 yard seasons and the only reason it is not 13/13 is that when he was banged up a few years ago he missed it (projected over that year) and then when he came back the Stamps started squeezing him out and made him a situational receiver....moved to Montreal...boom...1000 yard receiver 2 years in a row. If he has anything close to his career average for reception he blows by into #1 for total receptions all time, 1 more 1000 yard season puts him tied for first all time, and he sits top 10 all time for total receiving yards...chances are he lands in the top 5 all time after this season, and if he plays another he likely lands in the top 3. At 34 and really no signs of needing to stop playing he is very well possible he could wind up in first all time....he is only 3240 yards out, which is 3 seasons going by his average...4 if he slows down some. and with 4 seasons would end it at Geroy.

[i]Yes, Nik is awesome! :rockin:

But he has already said 2017 is his last season. [/i]

[i]Don't worry about it Brian. Johnny was just messing with you guys! :smiley:

But, it looks like Johnny scared off poor Lyle! :lol:

It's OK Lyle, come back! :smiley: [/i]

Always count on Johnny to lighten things up. :thup:

Plus, no need to worry about Lyle. He is not going anywhere. :slight_smile:

Nik just signed for two more years. Nik is a beast with a great mentality. I'd want him on my Argos. The team of check downs could toss it to Nik and he could run over guys for at least 15 yards.

Not sure what Bomber fans are crying about. O'Shea has turned your team around plus you have a great player coming at number one in the draft because you fleeced Bob 'The Knob' Barker and Milosh!ts who loves Drew 'Pull' Willy. I'll be bitter all year long!!! haha.

I wouldn't say all bomber fans are crying! Actually most of them are fat 'n sassy, livin' high off the hog - and still celebrating an amazin' 11-7, 1 'n done season!
O'Shea didn't really turn things around - he found Matt Nichols - and Nichols was able to salvage both O'Shea and Pooh Willy from the scrap heap. O'Shea got a guy who gelled immediately with Paul Lapolice (OC) and Willy got traded to a franchise with little to zero quarterbacking and a GM who's riding side-saddle with his spur stuck sideways in the boot hole. Willy couldn't have asked for a better trade. A couple more mope losses in Wpg. and he'd have been sharing scrap heap morsels with O'Shea. Now he's a de=facto #1 in TO with a new (smaller) contract but he's still getting guaranteed payment cheques. :cowboy:

Nichols is still without a contract - still flying in Wpg management faces - knowing what he did last year (dragging a corpse to an 11-7 record) was unprecedented in the last quarter century of Wpg blubomber lore (or was that bore?)

It is Most Over-Rated not Most Over- Weighted! :stuck_out_tongue:

Kent Austin is the most over-rated coach by a country mile.

He is also a first class JERK

Still Nike Lewis!!!

Post Truth -

Most true and honest post ever.

All coaches should have a mandatory personality test.

They should only be nice guys and never show any emotion or be upset under any circumstance.

I can not stand it when coaches act like they are human.

Well said! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Now that is sarcasm with a capital "S" :lol:

Eli Manning! Oops, sorry....wrong league. I'd nominate one of the Argirls but nobody has accused any of the current ones as being any good.

LOL !! I'd nominate one of the Alouette quarterbacks but not one of them is even good enough to warrant a rating let alone an over rating :smiley:.... Adams , Cato , McGee and Crompton.....sounds like one of those fly by night ambulance chasing Law firms that have those really bad ads on late TV :lol:

Or divorce lawyers. :wink: