Most Over-Rated Players/Coaches

Won't go thru the entire league but here's my short list:

GM Barker
Coach Milo
QB Willy


GM/HC Corky
QB Durant
WR Demski


HC Mike O'Stoic
OT Stan Bryant
C Mattias Goosen
DC Richie Hall

Not sure if there's any surprises here because Mike O'Shea hasn't proven squat during his 3 years head coaching bombers - other than "the players love him" (country club atmosphere)
Had to put Richie Hall on the list although I think he's genuinely regarded as a CFL "good guy" and the code doesn't permit massive criticism of "good guys" regardless of lacklustre abilities. Bryant had a slightly sub-par year (particularly 1st half of season) so he makes the list. Goosen is an average CFL centre - nothing more and nothing less. Doesn't possess real earth-moving abilities but a really good team guy who only gets bowled over the odd time! Still room to improve!

The Bombers made huge strides in 2016.

A short FG from going to the West Final.

O'Shea did a great job turning that team around.

They will be a contender for 2017 for sure.

What more could he have done to impress you Lyle ?

Fact is O'Shea is a .400 career head coach - based on 3 seasons at bombers helm. That doesn't impress me one bit.

The fact Wad Miller had to send in marching orders when O'Shea continued to start hapless Drew Willy - and instruct O'Shea to insert Nichols - DID NOT IMPRESS ME!

The fact O'Shea a known defensive terror during his playing days - allowed Richie Hall to walk all over him and produce a defense that allowed the most passing yards in the league - DID NOT IMPRESS ME!

The fact O'Shea, with the facts and stadium conditions 99% against him allowed Justin Medlock to fail on a 62 yd tying field goal attempt - facing 3rd and 3 at mid-field w/ over 30 seconds remaining - DOES NOT IMPRESS ME!

Yes, the bombers were a plus .500 team but the sad reality is they barfed up the ending - allowing Ottawa to rock them hard - bombers put up less resistance than Ronda Rousey - DID NOT IMPRESS ME.

Bombers crawled to 11-7 by virtue of Ottawa dressing a virtual practice roster in the season finale - and the bombers still couldn't wallop them away until late in the game - DID NOT IMPRESS ME!

Even with Mighty Matt Nichols - bombers were horrific in the red zone and had to settle for Medlock kicking a league record # of field goals - DID NOT IMPRESS ME.

If Nichols bolts, if they lose one other key piece - the bombers may have to pick up a hobo to QB them. Without Nichols - I'd say the odds are more than 50% the team finishes under .500. Especially if GM Walters fails to address key needs in his canuck WRs and canuck d-linemen; also upgrades a game but light & under-powered linebacking crews. The player deficiency is NOT on O'Shea. He works with what he's given but the combination of a guy who's not that great a coach to begin with - and a GM who may have trouble assembling an efficient group - ALSO DOES NOT IMPRESS ME - AND IT WON'T IMPRESS MOST OF THE BOMBER FANS - OTHER THAN AN INCREASINGLY SHRINKING GROUP OF LEMMINGS!

"How do the Argos get another 10,000 fans" is my nominee for Most Over-Rated Thread...

......'Mighty Matt Nichols' ...surely you jest....As far as I'm concerned he's bordering on your description of 'hobo', Lyle, and is average at best....He had an up and coming team around him in 16'....a good reason for his small success in 16'... One and done didn't shake my world, but then no other team is looking at a 26 year drought from winning it all and it's really starting to grate on a lot of nerves ...Nichols did nothing to stand the Bomber faithful on their ear, other than being 'adequate'...He is asking for Bo Levi type money and I doubt he's going to get it...There are other options like Durant out there or a possible deal for Franklin that has been eluded to by Lawless.....Getting late in the day with free agency fast approaching...Someone is going to have to blink orrrr maybe the Bombers have decided to go in another direction.....Quarterback position is a critical missing piece with the Bombers, as far as I'm concerned, which could be dramatically improved if the right move is made...If the team decides to remain status quo...the Bombers will have just another 'adequate' season and that isn't good enough anymore.

I never rated it that highly myself.

Papa - wouldn't you rather have the defensive coordinator's job up in the air vs. the established de facto #1 QB?

I really think if the cement crackers can get Nichols on a 2 yr, $375/yr contract with a signing bonus of $100k or less and instead focus on bringing in a top grade defensive coordinator, a solid DT and at least one monster linebacker (American or Canadian, don't matter) they'd have a far better chance to go plus .500 vs. bringing in a new QB (Durant, Franklin, Burris, whoever - who might not gel with PLOP LAPOLICE as much as Nichols did).

Richie Hall as DC puts an immediate deficit on bombers 2017 game planning - but I fear the cement crackers can't see the forest for the trees! :cowboy:

.....I'm greedy now :cowboy: ....I want both ...a new dc and a no 1 qb....LaPo would be doing double back flips IF we brought in Durant...He worked very well with him in riderville and I'm pretty sure they'd make a great duo again...Never mind the fact that one of Darian's favourite targets is on our roster...My opinion on Nichols.... he's worth 300K with incentives built in...that's it.

Yep, I’ll go “Kevin O’Leary Greedy” with you Papa - but it appears the bomb squad is already prepped to go to war with Hobo Hall as DC. Bit of a problem selling most bomber fans on that dog but never underestimate the power of Bison Drive to railroad the passengers!

Have to be honest - much as I can’t totally fault O’Shea for his miserable .400 win percentage I can’t fault Richie Hall 100% either. Walters provided him with a dormant D-line and those game but under-powered linebackers. A cracker MLB who routinely conducts raids on the opposing QB could be quite influential in changing game outcomes.

The jury on Hall is in. Not Guilty! But only from bomber management! Media and most fans are really circumspect!

You make great points Lyle.
I will not disagree with any of them.

However, they did find ways to win.
When you consider where the Bombs have been since 2011, they have made a vast upturn .
Coaching has to be part of it.

Also, remember the 7 game winning streak. Who saw that coming ?

You mention the problems on D, yet they had this off the chart turn over rate.
Forcing fumbles and interceptions.

I am objective here.
I am no fan of the Bombers and could care less what their record is.
I am just saying with the positives the made in 2016 , they will have a good foundation for 2017.
They will not be a push over like they have been in the past.

I guess winning a Grey Cup and taking his team to 3 Grey cups in 5 years is overrated??

Durant had some very bad luck in 2014 and 2015 with fluke injuries but he came back in 2016 and had a decent year.

He's not the best QB but he is reliable.

Not sure how you can list Bob Barker, Mianosh!ts and 'Pull' Willy at the top of the original list. These boat sinkers don't even rate. What have Bob and Sh!ts done other then fluke a Grey Cup 100 win. By the way no complaints there from me. haha They are under.500 as coach and GM.
'Pull' Willy is a bottom feeder who obviously reminds Sh!ts of himself as a mediocre qb. Guess he can father figure 'Pull' Willy into check down pass after check down pass for no gainers followed by a long bomb that get picked.

In terms of being stoic and cool under pressure O'Shea has provided stability to prior/woeful coaching staffs. Obviously not sold on Hall - and probably Buck Pierce as QB coach, too. But Bob Wylie & Plop are top flight CFL assistants.

Give the bombers a top DC and a couple more near all-star level defensive front 7 players and I think they'll easily glide to between 10-8 and 12-6. Go with the same DC, a new QB (Durant, Glenn, Franklin, etc.) and the same hobo D7 and this team is destined to be 5-13 to 7-11 - O'Shea has proven he's not enough of a difference-maker to salvage a weaker lineup - but I'm impressed he didn't get that much in the way of Nichols & Plop leading the squad to an impressive 11-7

....Remain status quo....especially at quarterback and dc, the Bombers tread water in 17...Crossover and another one and done Lyle :wink:

....Totally disagree with the quarterback take...(even on a bad day Durant is a superior qb. to anyone we have at present..incl. Nichols)..Agree about the dc but you're probably right about Hall being retained...mistake....but we're just going round &round in circles regarding that one.......If we stick with Nichols I believe we end up with a similar spot in the standings (maybe even a crossover) and another one and done...Without improvement in the quarterbacking, we'll be treading water....Hall will give us the same mediocre D so no change there....I see we've re-signed Medlock and to me he was a more valued addition than Nichols of last years team....Guess we are in fa mode now, and await possible changes...

[i]Come on guys! The name of the thread is:

Most Over-Rated Players/Coaches

It looks more like a "Bombers have problems" thread!

Stay on topic, or there will be consequences... :smiley:


[i]The absolute MOST overrated player in the CFL is Zach Collaros!

Yup, Collaros! :cowboy:

Zachy had a good season in 2014, and a great two thirds of a season in 2015. That's it!

Also consider,

-he has never thrown for 5000 yards in a season
-he has never thrown for 4000 yards in a season
-he has never led the CFL in passing yards in a season
-has never thrown 30 TDs in a season
-has only thrown 20 or more TDs in a season once
-has never led the league in passing TDs
-has never been MOP
-is injury prone



.........Now..c'mon Johnny...You know a lot of topics get caught in the 'my team' drift... :wink:
And you should have ended your post with ..'Kavis says'.. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is on me Johnny, I am the one who brought up O'Shea.

Just snowballed.

Johnny's last point is the most important one.

The injury issue.

Zach has been a starter for 3 years and has yet to play a full season.

If he could , he might hit some of those numbers Johnny mentioned.

Cats need to improve the O Line for a start.

However, he does go down and out from hits other QB's are able to get up from , so........