Most Over Rated Player In The CFL This Season

My vote goes to Toronto Argonaut quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson. I'm glad the Argos believe he is a legit starter.

I didnt know he was rated high enough to qualify for this distinction.

It's only week 2, Toronto is playing their first game in week #2 against Montreal who has already played last week #1.
Far too early to establish (Most Overrated Player) MOP. :scream:

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My 'far too early' choice for MOP (which just took on a whole new meaning) goes to... Envelope please (ahem):

Vernon Adams Junior!!!

Oh... I'm just getting word that the man of the hour who was touted in the off season as most exciting QB in the CFL has entered into a QB controversy with last year's hot potato QB, Trevor Harris! They're not sure who's gonna start in Montreal this week but you can bet your bottom dollar that poor Khari Jones will unfairly get the blame for whatever decision is made! :anger: :boom: :dizzy: :zzz:


Well according to TSN and the Argos they would have you believe he is the second coming of Ricky Ray.

Vernon Adams Jr is out with Covid

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....lets see how many Stamps fans I can piss off with one single word



Ya but Milt Stegall said he was the most talented quarterback in the league.

And the owner will blame Khari Jones for that too.

Milt Stegal is ALWAYS right.

Evans imho

Ya just have the RB,s run 5 yard outs 3 yards and come back to the ball

I think he's rated right where he belongs...he's rated M for meh

MBT, the man with the psychotic eyes. Seriously creeps me out with that stare of his. He's still working of his 'Porky Approved " rating, my money is on Chad Kelly in the long run.

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The Man with The Psychotic Eyes could be the title of the next James Bond Movie where Bond battles Spectre as a meth addict.

I'd have to second this motion.

Ever since he came back from his fling with the NFL he plays like a statue. His feet and lower body are literally not moving with some of his throws. Just bad mechanics all of a sudden.

I love VA! He is the prototypical CFL quarterback. Mobile, scrambles for more time, not afraid to throw it and will take risks because he knows in this league you can get the ball back in 2 more plays.

Ideal QB to watch. Just love him!

Heh, like many polarizing athletes, I think Bo could be considered both the most overrated and the most underrated. He's not playing like the BLM of old, but he can still get the job done like he did in the second half against Hamilton last week.