Most Outstanding Canadian

Edit: Changed title to just "Most ...." Added a poll further down the thread.

If it's a given that Rourke wins MOC, then who's in the race for second place?

If we pretend that Rourke weren't in the league, it'd likely be Oliveira from the West vs Gittens Jr. from the East.

Any other candidates?

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It won't happen, but it would have been fun to see a Philpot from the west up against a Philpot from the east.


Not this year, but it wouldn't be shocking a couple years down the road, would it?

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Here's 3DN's all-Canadian team.


i agree with their picks except that no way Parades should be ahead of Whyte

Aren’t they twins?
As twin myself, I agree with you.

It's kinda fun that this year there are actually Canadian QBs who've had significant playing time. In years past, picking the QB for an all-Canadian team took a fair bit of speculation.

yes! i am out of likes again too lol

Could we create another category? How 'bout: 'Most Canadian American' (MCA)?

'AJ Ouellette' would have my vote.


so is there an award for CFL most outstanding global player?

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I don't think we're there yet, but there probably should be some sort of recognition.

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I can just see it now. We finish up with the local awards and the MC says, "Representing the REST of the world, Thiadric Hansen!"

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Shots fired (sorta):

  • Nathan Rourke
  • Kurleigh Gittens Jr.

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Nathan Rourke went 8-2 in 10 starts this year, and led the league with six 300+ passing yard games, including three over 400, while registering a 125.1 efficiency rating. The former Ohio Bobcat set the single-season passing completion record (78.7 per cent), while adding 25 touchdowns – trailing only Collaros. Gerry Dattilio (1980) was the last quarterback to be nominated for this award.

Kurleigh Gittens Jr. led all Canadians in catches (81) and receiving yards (1,101) – marking the most by a national receiver since Brad Sinopoli in 2018. Of the Ottawa native’s 81 catches, 26 were second down conversions. The Wilfrid Laurier alumnus set a personal best with five touchdown receptions, while topping the CFL in yards after catch (483).

Who's the worst Canadian starter in the CFL?

Has to be a starter....

I always considered myself a pretty good Canadian. Outstanding even

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The worst Canadian starter you say ? Well being a Cats fan my vote would definitely go to Lemar Durant . The Cats would be better off putting a pylon out there in place of him . He is without a doubt the biggest FA signing bust of the season .

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No question. 112 yards on the season. Most Outstandingly Bad Canadian, & I try not to crap on players. Wonder if we'll see him at all next year.

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