Most outstanding Canadian rookie?

I realize there isnt much point to this thread. Its a slow sunday, so forgive me. I was just stewing here, thinking about now with the score showing CIS games out of the east, and good draft covereage, and well as Forde's comentary's we have a better idea of who the rookies are. Many times, Canadian rookies get spotty time at best, and time on special teams. At least with pre season, we saw some guys play we dont normally see as well. And nothing against American rookies who may have come to the CFL as well. We just dont hear about them as much during the off times. anyways, just looking at the rosters a bit, and the draft... Im going outside thye box, taking a long shot... i think the top rookie Canadian this year will; be Ted Laurent from the suplimental draft. hopefully he hasnt been released and i just dont know it. lol.

tell you what.

after final rosters are decided, post a list of every teams rookies including which ones are on practice roster and IR, and I will tell you who will win :slight_smile:

Please post all past Canadian Rookies and who has won.

I'm not going to go team by team but I can tell you who most of the Bombers NI rookies are.

On the active roster: Henoc Muamba (LB), Kito Poblah (WR), Carl Volny (RB), Jade Etienne (WR), Paul Swiston (OL)

On the PR: Brendan Dunn (OL), John Surla (LB)

Won't know until the Bombers officially name whose on the PR to know whether they may be another rookie or not.

I am no aware of a most outstanding Canadian rookie award that actually exists. I was just stewing since it seems a little less common in the CFL then say the NHL that a rookie can come in and make a
huge splash. Newman was a great example of a huge splash rookie a couple years ago. I really think it could be an Edmonton or Winnipeg rookie this year. That's if any Canadian rookie comes in and starts and makes an impact right out the gate. If I get time this weekend after the games I will post this years rookies.