Most MOP QBs-one team

I had an interesting discussion the other day..

Which franchise has had the most individual QBs named as CFL MOP while playing for them.?

From 1960 forward...

For just QBs...from 1953 (when started) it is

Total QB winners
Calgary - 7
Edmonton - 6
Winnipeg - 5
Toronto - 4
Montreal - 4
Ottawa - 4
Saskatchewan - 3
BC - 3
Hamilton - 2

From just 1960 on...Edmonton and Montreal have 1 less each, the rest is the same.

Non-repeaters (for the same team ie Flutie on different teams)
Calgary - 5
Edmonton - 5
Winnipeg - 4
Toronto - 3
Montreal - 2
Ottawa - 2
Saskatchewan - 2
BC - 3
Hamilton - 2

From just 1960 on...Montreal have 1 less (Sam Etcheverry), the rest is the same.

Outside of QB, WR/SB/TE has won 23 times, RB 14 and LB 1 (technically one WR was also a DB, but was known as a receiver I believe, Hal Patterson)

Nicely done Depop . Great job on your research , just one correction though..... I'm thinking that the player you're thinking of who won as a WR and was also a DB was the great Garney Henley and not Hal Patterson . Henley won the award in 1972 as a WR but was also a DB for the better part of his career . A true dyed in the wool duel threat on both sides of the ball .

Patterson also won the award as well in the 1956 season while he was still with the Alouettes . Patterson by the way set records that season for most yardage pass receiving in a single game with 338 yds (still a record to this day) . Most catches in a single season with 88 (a record that wasn't broken until 1967) . Patterson also set the record with 1,914 receiving yards in a single season (a record that stood until 1983) . He also was the first player to reach and go over 2000 total yards from scrimmage in a season (2039 yds) . Finally he also set the record for all purpose yds in a season with 2858 total yds (a record that stood until the 1984 season) .

Here is a year to year breakdown of each MOP QB winner for each team and the year they won since the first MOP was handed out after the 1953 season


Toronto(4)............Condredge Holloway (82) , Doug Flutie (96,97), Damon Allen (05)

Montreal(4)..........Sam Etcheverry (54), Anthony Calvillo (03, 08, 09)

Ottawa (4)...........Russ Jackson (63,66,69), Henry Burris (15)

Hamilton(2).........Bernie Faloney (61) , Danny McManus (99)


Calgary (7)..........Peter Liske (67),Doug Flutie (92,93,94),Dave Dickensen(00),Henry Burris(10) , Bo Levi Mitchell (16)

Edmonton (6)......Jackie Parker (58,60),Tom Wilkinson(74),Warren Moon (83),Tracey Ham(89), Mike Reilly(17)

Winnipeg (5).......Don Jonas(71),Dieter Brock (80,81),Tom Clements(87),Khari Jones(01)

Saskie (3)...........Ron Lancaster (70,76) , Kerry Joseph (07)

B.Columbia (3)....Doug Flutie(91) , Casey Printers(04), Travis Lulay (11)

Ah ya...Calg and E are tied. I had Calgary at 6 separate winners there actually. Was convinced that an old time QB there named Eagle Day had won one . But it was just the west MOP. Researching him was interesting. Played 10 years up here as a QB in two stints. In between he went to NFL as a punter alone. Reading about Liske was interesting too. Man, he had a monster year in 67 with 40 TD passes and 4500 yards which were huge numbers back then.

Thanks...I just dumped it into a sheet and applied a couple filters and such...took about 4 minutes :smiley:

No...I was thinking of Hal...1956.

He is a player that has always intrigued me because he won the CFL MOP in 56, yet was not a CFL all-star, only and east all-star....weird. He stopped playing DB (and was also a solid returner until then) after 1959, but in 1956 he had 5 interceptions in a 14 game season (which are all-star numbers in themselves)...7 and 8 the 2 previous years. He had 27 interceptions over 6 seasons....the remaining 8 he stuck to O.

I am sure there are a few on the list that were studs both ways back in the day. Amazing that they essentially were on the field every play. As a primary returner, WR and DB a guy like hal would see 90%+ of the plays every game...stunning.

And yeah...I don't think it is realistically possible that 338 will be beaten in a single game in modern football. Hell...338 is still the record from scrimmage in a singe game as well. 1956 also sat as a record for receiving yards in a single season for the better part of 3 decades and has still only been surpassed a few times.

My assumption that he won MOP based on receiving in 56 was based on setting that record for a season.

Just stunning to see Flutie up there. This is what takes the "arguably" out of best CFL QB ever discussion for me. Six time all-star....3 different teams, showing he can get it done anywhere. No offense to Ray and his fist full of rings, but the only seasons Flutie never won was in his rookie season and another where he only played half.

Yeah...I remember reading that Russ Jackson won MOP as QB one time but was not the CFL QB allstar that year. Must be different voters in the categories? Does seem weird.

interesting that in the game that Dunnigan set the record for passing, Alfred Jackson still came up 20 yards short.

Best QBs never to win an MOP award:

  1. Ricky Ray (bit of a mystery)

  2. Matt Dunigan (too aggressive? Only played a full season 3 times)

  3. Kent Austin (had a 6,000-yd season and a 5,700-yd season, but had the misfortune of doing it when Flutie was in the league)

worst QB to win an MOP award

Damon Allen

Off track here but really? Damon Allen?
2nd in passing yardage..
3rd all time in rushing yardage behind Reed and Pringle.
4 time Grey Cup winner with 3 different teams...GC MVP 3 times.

I think DA gets "blamed" for playing too long. Like his ability to stay injury free and having unbelievable longevity is a negative somehow.

career stats he got, but in no year was he great.

Who was better in 2005?

5000+ yards
102 QB efficiency
2:1+ td/inter

Patterson proved to be a superior running back. For a while he averaged over 10 YPC running the end around play. Montreal fans revolted when he and Etcheverry were traded to the TiCats.

as far as QB goes

Dave Dickenson

119 Efficience
4/1 td/inter

so what if he only played 12 games. He was still better during those 12 games on per game basis.

In 2005 Dave did have a good season but BC didn't nominate him as their MOP . Antonio Warren RB was nominated as their MOP . Henry Burris was the western Allstar QB that same season so even though Daves completion rate was fantastic the sports writers and even his team did not see him that way .

yeah, I am thinking that it should not have been a qb to win that year. Not sure but it might be that DA made some milestone that year. The voters often give someone who has made a career accomplishment a season award for the year. Always bugs me when that happens.

Did Dave make it in the NFL? I believe he tried out for the San Diego team. I agree with the comments that point out he had a great % accuracy re passing and, I recall him destroying Montreal in Grey Cup game.