Most Lions' free agents will be back with the team for 2012

So far it looks like most of the free agent question marks for 2012 have been answered, with Buono's key signings of MacCallum, Banks, Mitchell and Olafioye. Sad to see Elimimian go but that looked all but inevitable given the last two seasons he's had. We're still waiting on news about Dante Marsh, Ryan Phillips and Jamall Lee. I hope those three will re-sign but I wouldn't be surprised to see Lee move elsewhere for more $$$. Looks like Benevides and his staff will have almost all of the players who dominated the last 14 games in 2011.

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Jamall Lee retirement announced by the Lions.

I’m a bit surprised. With Andrew Harris presumably a logical candidate to start again the Lions need some quality Canadian RB depth. I guess the prospect of special teams and a couple of plays on offense a game just wasn’t motivation enough to stay for Lee, assuming he would likely not get a real shot at becoming a starter. I think they tried to move him to slotback for a while, but that really didn’t seem to work.

Good job by Buono, sighing Lin-J Shell to fill the short side halfback spot after Kornegay was released. And congrats to Marsh and Phillips for re-signing. Sad to see Jamall lee retire but, lets face it, he didn't do much when he was a Lion. Wally and Roy shivers will be beating the bushes to find RBs to compliment A.J, Harris. So far nearly all the key signings have been completed, with only Aaron hunt yet to re-up with the Leos.

C'mon Aaron, pick up your phone or get into the office and get re-signed before Wally is forced to find a replacement for you. We definitely want to see you back in the orange, black and white next year and beyond.

Dooger in Surrey

Enjoy retirement and best regards to D-Lineman Brent Johnson.

...seconded, Johnson was one of those players I hated seeing my team go up against, like Doug Brown...Johnson was a force unto himself

To follow those other signings mentioned below, with the news on Lulay on 10 April and something I did not know on Olafioye, damn are you guys sure loaded with prime talent.

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shhh, its hockey time :wink:

I may be alone on this, but I have big doubts as to how the Defence will look without Elimimian in the middle. Great to see other free agents back, however replacing such a feared hitter with Yurichuck (as I have heard is the current plan) could open some things up for opposing Offences. And lets face facts, 'big hitter' was not a tag attached to anybody else on our D last season.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Linebacker (and especially middle) is the easiest position to fill on the depth chart. It is the most purely instinctive athletic position in football and there are LOTS of great instinctive athletes available out there. It is especially easy to fill when the rest of the parts all around it are strong (the dline and the secondary- which the Lions are WAY deep). Now I’m not saying that Elimimian wasn’t that great, of course he is great, and much more than just a hard hitter too. But remember the last time that the Lions replaced a big time stud MLB with some relatively unknown NI dude, it was Barrin Simpson and Javy Glatt in 2006. Glatt was 3rd in the league in tackles (just 1 behind Reggie Hunt) with a handful of turnovers to boot and the Lions won the Cup without Simpson.

Of course if you really want a ‘hard hitter’ that badly, David Hyland is waiting by the phone. Remember how he worked out. :wink: