Most Liked/ Most Hated

I think might have been done a long time ago, but lots of people have joined since, so we'll do it again.
Who is you most liked and most hated for each team?????
Like: Dave Stala Hate: Ed Philion
Like: Mike Morreale Hate: Adriano Belli
Like: Pat Woodcock Hate: Both Their Fans
Like: Robert Baker Hate: Michael Palmer
Like: Wes Lysack Hate: Jim Daley
Like: Matt Dominguez Hate: Davon Bush
Like: Brett Ralph Hate: Jermaine Copeland
Like: Ricky Ray Hate: That Gass Guy
Like: Jason Crumb Hate: Casey Printers

Als: Like- KariKari
Hate- The Don

Hate- How can you hate little pussy cats.

Hate-Woodcock, he is a little punk.

Hate- Baker

Hate-Tee Martin..

Roughriders:Like- the beer guy
Hate- all of them especially Shivers.

Calgary:Like- Linebacking core
Hate- Tom " Lets call a fake punt at the worst time " Higgins.

Edmonton:Like- AJ Gass, Monford, Tucker, Wiltshire,Mitchell,Brady,Ricky Ray,Jeanty, Hervey,Sanchez,Nowacki, Mobley. Just to name a few.
HATE---> Flemming, He can not kick anymore! Cut him!

BC:Like- Simpson
Hate- Mmm that 2nd year corner.. Marsh i think his name is.

Like: Anwar Stewart, Duane Butler, Ben Cahoon, Richard Karikari, Robert Edwards, Itty Bitty
Hate: Mike Botterrill, Mawuko Tugbenyoh, Darrel Crutchfield, Kelly Malveaux
Like: Rob Hitchcock, Dany McManus, Wayne Shaw
Hate: Kamau Peterson (lol)... most Ticats leave me indifferent.
Like: Korey Banks, Jerome Haywood, Josh Ranek, Quincy Coleman, Anthony Collier
Hate: The whole O-line.
Like: Andre Talbot, Arland Bruce, Noel Prefontaine
Hate: Bashir Levingston, John Avery, Andre Rison
Like: Tom Canada, John Ryan, Milt Stegall
Hate: Kevin Glenn, Tee Martin, Troy Westwood, Wayne McGari... oh, right, he's not anywhere anymore.
Like: Corey Homes, Terrell Jurineack, Reggie Hunt, Travis Moore
Hate: Kenton Keith
Like: Jeremaine Copeland, John Grace, Joffrey Reynolds, Scott Coe
Hate:Whatever-his-name Juhaszh
Like: Ricky Ray, Davis Sanchez, Joe Montford
Hate: AJ G'Ass, Jason Maas
Like: Dave Dickenson, Barron Miles, Geroy Simon
Hate: Carl Kidd

Can't really figure out why you hate everyone on the Riders. Most of the time hate is associated with jealousy. And the Esks should not be jealous of the Riders so what's your deal?

My previous post is for GoEsksGo.

Hate isn't always associated with jealousy.

I hate AJ Gass because he is one sick bastard who deliberately try to injure his opponents.

I hate Bashir Levingston because he is an overrated underperforming player in love with himself. He dances, he dances, and WHAM, he gets tackled for a loss.

I hate Kelly Malveaux because he is inconsistent and usually get burned on basic plays.


I agree with you Third and Ten. Just wondering how anyone could hate Corey Holmes and Matt Dominguez. They are stand-up football players and men.

Why Is Montreal At The Top Of Everyones Lists? We Useally Always Go From west To East, Why Does 04 Champs Feal He Needs To Go Agaisnt Tradition. Oh Well, Since I'm Just Another Lemming I'll Do The Same.

Like: Ezra Landry
Hate: Don Mathews

Like: Josh Ranek
Hate Kerry Joseph

Like: Most Of The Team, But To Single Someone Out I'd Have To Say Andre Talbot.
Hate: The New Logo, Jerseys, And Stupid Bounce Mascots.

Like: Dan Crowly
Hate: Everyone Else

Like: Ryan
Hate: Westwood

Like: Nealon Greene
Hate: Having To Write Out Saskatchewan

Like: Jason Tucker
Hate Joe Montford

Like: Henry Burris
Hate: That Horse

Like: Printers, Cause He's The Only B.C. Player That Isn't Distorying The Rest Of The League
Hate: How Good They Are This Year.

hey, michael palmer i dont hate him, hes kind of dumb though i think hes from da hood! one post game interview on cbc, he caught the game winning TD, and said a bunch of hood like things, he said man I kept believing and had the believe atitude, and had to pump up others, man we came out on top yo, straight Up man, then he said, yo that one was for my boy fuzzy slippers, holla! i was like what the fu'k! that guy talked like any idiot, it was real funny because he was white and talked as if you was born black! must of came from Da Hood! LOL

he's from guelph. played in the same minor system i did. and i can't stand that punk. always wearing a towel over his head. dude your white.

LOL, thats what im saying, hes white and acts black, LOL!

Like: Ezra Landry
Hate: the DON

Like: Josh Ranek
Hate Kerry Joseph

Hate: Mascots.

Like: Dan Crowly
Hate: Everyone Else

Like: fleming
Hate: Westwood

Like: Davis, moore
Hate: crandal and greene and every boady else that ran up the score against the stamps last year (we could have done the same to you this year but we have some class)

Like: the cheerleaders
Hate every one

Like: every one especally DeAndelis
Hate: the new road jersey

Like: all the ex-stamps

Like- Itty Bitty, Almondo Curry, Gilligan (The WR)
Hate- The stadium, Anthony Calvillo, Ben Cahoon, Don Matthews, Darrel Crutchfield

Like- John Avery, Clifford Ivory, Michael Clemons (Best coach in the league)
Hate- Damon Allen, Robert Baker, Michael O'Shea

Like- Kerry Joseph, Jason Armstead, Quincy Coleman
Hate- Josh Ranek, Pat Woodcock, Yo Murphy

Like- Troy Davis, Wayne Smith (OL), Khari Jones
Hate- Danny McManus, Jason Goss, Julian Raddelin

Like- Kevin Glenn, Charles Roberts, Jim Daly (Give him a break, It aint his fault)
Hate- Joe Fleming, Troy Westwood (Cut your hair queer), Tee Martin

Like- Big Chill, Kenton Keith, Marcus Crandell
Hate- Corey Holms, Nealon Greene, Matt Dominguez

Like- Jeremaine Copeland, John Grace, J. Reynolds
Hate- Rahim Abdullah, Nik Lewis, Henry Burris

Like- Jason Tucker, Ricky Ray, Joe Montford
Hate- Sean Fleming, Mike Maurer (Cut your hair, queer)

Like- Casey Printers, Dave Richie, Wally Buono
Hate- Dave Dickenson, Geroy Simon, Jason Clermont

Yeahhh alotta dumb hair in the CFL.

West-to-east it is ...

Like Dickenson, Hate O'Mahony, I guess, but there's not a lot to choose from

Like 'em all (especially Grace and Coe), hate Micheal Feterik (can that still count?)

Like Jason Maas, hate the entire team ... even moreso since they're the New York Rangers of the CFL

Like Travis Moore, hate the entire team ... (again!) ... but especially

Like Stegall, Fleming, Michna, and Regimbald (he's my friend's cousin); hate the fact that they still have Fleming, Regimbald and Lysack, and we have no one to show for it ...

Like Allen and the new uniforms, hate Levingston

Like Greg Marshall, hate ... how can you hate the Ti-Cats? I'd feel too guilty :frowning: But I'm not crazy about Davis, actually.

Like Ranek, hate the jerks that nearly sunk the franchise (the second time!)

Like Cahoon (I wish he'd play in Calgary just so I could put his name on a jersey), hate those mascots ...

Hate - DaVinci's Inquest
like- RedGreen Show

Hate- Much Music
Like- Tommy Hunter Show

Hate- Beef
Like- Turkey

Hate- the old broadcaster -Playby play on TSN-John Wells
Like- Glen Suitor as an analyst

Hate-conceited eskimo fans
Like- brash Rider fans

Hate- Rapmusic
Like- country, disco and celtic fiddle music

hate- the movie the Aviator
like- the movie - Braveheart

hate- Tractor-truck pulls in Edmonton
like- demolition derbies in Saskatchewan

like- anyone who supports the CFL including Paul Martian and My Favourite Martian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule

Like- Cahoon, Stala, Curry, Edwards
Hate- Kerry Watkins

Like- Hitchcock
Hate- Flick

Like- Ranek
Hate- the oline

Hate- Levingston and the city as a whole

Like- Claremont
Hate- My friend that brags when they beat het als

Like- Tucker
Hate- Sanchez

Like- Copeland
Hate- Burris's face

Like- Dominguez, Keith
Hate- Their oline fanboys

Like- Lysak, Michna
Hate- Martin

Hate- Fans who hate Players just because they hate your team
Like - Fans who support the CFL and make unbiased intelligent comments about the League and there players.

Montreal-ezra landry
hate- AC
Toronto- arland bruce
hate-andre rison
Hamilton-danny mac
hate- troy davis
Ottawa-kerry joseph
hate- frank cutulo
Winnipeg- tom canada
hate- Troyboy
Saskatchewan-matt dominguiz, nealon greene
hate-kenton keith
Edmonton- jason tucker, joe montford
hate- ricky ray
Calgary- brian clark
hate-henry burris
BC- casey printers

EskTmac, why would you hate Montreal's stadium? Have you ever attend a game at Molson Percival? Or were you refering to the Big-O?

Same question applies