Most interesting verbal mistakes in interviews

Player and coaching interviews sometimes lead to interesting situations. What are the most interesting you've heard?

In the 2006 season, Kevin Eakin was starting a game at quarterback for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and a reporter asked him what his keys for the second half were. He meant to say that they wanted "to continue to have sucess with the running game," but he mispoke and it came across as him wanting to have something else with the running game that also started with "s."

That was an amusing moment for me.

Back in the 70's, Al Davidson of CKNW Radio interviewed Vancouver Canuck Player Greg Boddy after an high scoring game. The first thing out of his mouth was " What a ***k of a game." The radio censors missed it and it was heard by all.

Not related to football, but amusing nevertheless.

A hockey player named Jan Ludvig was traded to the Buffalo Sabres. A Buffalo TV reporter interviewed him, and towards the end of the interview said "Jan, people will want to know how to properly pronounce your last name; is it pronounced LudVig or LudWig?"

Player said "LudVig"

Reporter said "thank you"

Player said "you're velcome."

I remember a game in 2005. I think the Renegades were way down and playing their back-up QB or something. Glen Suitor meant to say somethnig like, “It is nice he got a chance to come in and have some success,” but instead said something like, “it is nice he got a chance to come in and have some sex…” and then he wasn’t able to speak for a long time after because he kept laughing. It was hilarious. Did anyone else see this?

This was back in the early 90's when Don Taylor was hosting Sports page. while he was reporting the nightly Hockey scores he called Anahiem the Mighty Dikes.

Millington saying, "They relied, in my p****, too much on the running game . . . "