Most Inept CFL Ref?

After seeing the rule changes discussions it got me thinking about the guys who make the calls So who do the you guys think the most inept ref the CFL has ever had?

I have to say Dave Yule was pretty bad his calls cost many teams games.One example I can think of was a Winnipeg game where he disallowed a touchdown catch in the last couple minutes of the game on a thrid down gamble ruling the bombers player was out bounds costing them the win.As I remeber even the league said that he screwed up the call but there was nothing they could do.I think it was that call that led to the legue looking into and finally bringing in instant reply.

is their an all the above option?

Is there an option for
None because the ref doesnt make 90% of the calls? :roll:

Gee who would I pick let me see oh ya Jake Ireland!

Poor Murray Clark, demoted 3 times already, maybe the fourth is a charm.

Okay ro I'll repharse the question to make it more broad

Who do think is the most inept offical the cfl has ever had?

Sure why not

And how many do you know besides the head refs?

I'll be honest Ro I don't know the names of any officals besides refs

Well here you go
Carey Anderson------------- 42----------- Back Judge
Ian Bain---------------------- 36----------- Side Judge
Darryl Baron----------------- 49----------- Referee/Field Judge
Ron Barss------------------- 25----------- Umpire
Al Bradbury------------------ 72----------- Head Linesman
Heinz Brademann----------- 40----------- Back Judge
Larry Butler------------------ 59----------- Side Judge
Don Carmichael------------- 21----------- Back Judge
Marty Carreau--------------- 57----------- Line Judge
Henry Chiu-------------------71----------- Line Judge
Brian Chrupalo-------------- 73----------- Back Judge
Murray Clarke-------------- -22----------- Referee
Don Cousens---------------- 35----------- Head Linesman
Steve Dolyniuk-------------- 56----------- Field Judge
Don Ellis----------------------70----------- Back Judge
Dave Foxcroft-------------- 30----------- Head Linesmas
Bill Hagans------------------- 24----------- Umpire
Jeff Harbin-------------------27----------- Side Judge
Dave Hawkshaw-------------23----------- Line Judge
Rob Hill---------------------- 63----------- Head Linesman
Dave Hutton---------------- 41----------- Umpire
John Ireland---------------- 62----------- Referee
Glen Johnson--------------- 32----------- Referee
Shawn Kerr------------------ 61----------- Side Judge
Jim Koshman----------------45----------- Umpire
Tim Kroeker-----------------74----------- Line Judge
Ken Lazaruk-----------------53----------- Referee
Jason Maggio---------------37----------- Side Judge
Ben Major------------------ 31----------- Umpire
Al McColman--------------- 54----------- Field Judge
Ritchie Miller ---------------- 34----------- Line Judge
Kim Murphy------------------ 48----------- Referee/Field Judge
Jocelyn Paul----------------- 47----------- Line Judge
Michel Pinsonneault-------- 33----------- Head Linesman
Andre Proulx----------------- 28----------- Referee
Bob Reddekopp------------- 39----------- Umpire
Ross Saunders-------------- 67----------- Side Judge
Rob Skaggs------------------ 46----------- Field Judge
Bud Steen-------------------- 66----------- Referee
Bryan Taylor------------------ 51----------- Field Judge
Tom Vallesi------------------- 60----------- Back Judge
Boris Velcic------------------- 52----------- Head Linesman

This is where i'd like to use the all the above selection :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Although in all seriousness the ref's up here havn't cost anyone a game like the Geniuses in the NFL

As far as I know, only one call possibly changed the outcome of a game, and Hoc admitted immediately afterward that he messed up the call, and it turns out that call won't mean anything because the Broncos and Charges face this Sunday, and the winner takes the division.

Andre Prouxl is the worst IMO. That guys squad never gets it right.

I think the officials had a very good year in 2008. They were pretty much off the radar which is the way it should be.

It's easy to sit on your couch and see the replay 20 times, then you consider yourself an expert.One shouldn't judge, unless your perfect at what you do and never make mistakes. The reffing will never be perfect,so get over it.

Andre Proulx is the worst right now. Absolutley terrible.

The most inept ref is NOT on your list! He’s been fired for poor performance!

Serious, you guys are so quick to bitch at the officials. Have any of you tried to make split second decisions like they do?

I know its not the same thing, but I’ve helped out and held the down box in my Grandson’s games the last few years. What a different perspective. You don’t get the full impact of what the Officials go through but for me, its a real eye opener. I had the opportunity this year to work with a really talkative Head Linesman. He explained alot of mechanics and rules to me. Yes, I know Bantam Football isn’t the same as CFL, but it still showd me a side I never saw before.

Yes I have been on the side of the officals more times then I care to think about.I know what its like to have the fans mad at you.Yes officating is a hard job and mistakes happen after all the officals are only human its expected there will be a few mistakes what I mean by inept is officals who stand there scratching there nuts instead of throwing a flag when a blatant pentalty happens right in front of them and they do it time and time again.Look athe West semi here in Regina Bishop was brought down with a horse collar tackle right in front of an officall and no call.Weston Drexler nailed from behind on the goal line before the football was there again right in front of a offical and no call.Yes the offficals do the best job they can but when a penalty happenes right in front of them and they don't call it that makes them inept pure and simple.

Eh. It's what we do as fans. What else are we supposed to do when a bad call is made? It's part of the game. Personally, I don't really have a dislike for any ref... except the guys that work for the NBA. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. I officiated football for over a decade. I know what it's like to be on that side of things. When I was reffing some of the people I reffed with were highly incompetent. I made mistakes, everyone does. Some, i.e. Proulx, are more inept than others.

Whoever the line judge was a year or two ago that whistled a play dead early because the QB overthrew the intended target, only to have the ball get INTed by a defender behind the target. Said line judge then realized his mistake and threw a flag for pass interference to cover his ***. I know MTL was one of the teams involved but I forget the other team.