Most Improved Team So Far

Calgary has to be the most improved team in the CFL so far. Their victory over Montreal (2004 CFL East Champs) this past weekend confirms that they are an improved team. Let's see if they can keep it up.

I agree. Great off-season aquisitions, experienced coaches and solid ownership will do that.

winnipeg has showed some improvment especially with their win over ottawa

.........thanks for the kudos dudos........but with the off season hirings we better have done tip of the stetson goes to pretty much everyone's opinion they were supposed to hoover this year, you know, suck.......and they don't........

Gotta go with Winnipeg. Calgary beat Montreal but only by a field goal. Winnipeg beat Montreal by a little more and killed Ottawa which was leading the East.

Winnipeg, hands down! and so they will be in the race for a finals spot.

I would rank Calgary and Ottawa neck and neck as they have both already equaled their win total of a year ago, the first one to surpass last years total gets my vote.

I vote Ottawa then Calgary........they stole our QB Waaaaaaaa!!!! Ok that was a whine... :slight_smile:

If Your Talking About Most Improved Team Since The Begining Of The Season My Vote Goes To Ottawa, Calgary Isn't Really Doing As Well As I Thought They Would Be This Far Into The Season With All The Talent Thar Was Added Over The Off Season.

The Best Team In The Last Few Weeks (3 Or 4) Has To Be Winnipeg. At The 4th Week Everyone Was Righting Them Off, Including Me, Saying That This Is Their Rebuilding Year And That Their QB Problems Will Earn Them A Last Place But It's Looking Like Not Only Do They Have A Chance At A Better Finish Then That But Also May Get A Playoof Berth.

since the begining of the season it would be winnipeg improving the most. from last season it would be ottawa. calgary would be a close second for both


Yup - gotta say Ottawa. I think they've surprised quite a few of us this season, and in my estimation, they've surpassed expectations.

Since the beginning of this season: Winnipeg

Since last season: Calgary

Biggest surpire: Ottawa


Whats with you and Winnipeg??? Man at least go there before
falling in love.


heh Eskylo....KK is a great fan of the Bombers because he recognizes a solid organization when he sees one.....he dosen't have to be a resident to back a team steeped in tradition like the BigBlue....and besides he likes our uni's the best......ain't that right KK.... :?:

Dude, they are MY TEAM. Why? you say?, I'll PM you why.

Well the new home ones suck, away is ok, but last seasons unifroms rocked!

Ottawa Edges out Calgary. Both Cellar Dwellars of 2004 look like they are play-off bound. Jury is out on Winnipeg…I’ll give them 3rd improved.

Biggest disappointment…Hamilton…What is wrong there???

Big Dave could tell you whats wrong with them but like R&W said, seems like he only has internet by the minute now a days.

My guess is he's pretty frustrated, not only does he go by Big Dave, but
he's also a big fan.

Calgary or Ottawa