most improved in 2005

Your post is so slanted.

And I’m so sick of hearing how Danny Mac is “getting older and slower”. The Cats didn’t win the '99 Grey Cup based on his mobility.He’s always been a pure pocket passer, so who cares if he runs slower now than he did last year? We don’t even know if that’s true, because he runs with the ball like four times a year.
Brady hasn’t proven himself, and we’re still not sure that he’s the guy who will lead this team in the future. If they hand the ball over to him just because he’s younger, I’ll be pretty ticked off. :evil:

On reflection, BigDave, you make some good points. If Cheatwood returns, he and Cotton should be a dynamite combo at ends; agreed the running game is impressive, and I have always thought Brazzell is a good receiver (and the Cats already have some good ones). But sorry, I still think Danny Mac is over the hill, his interception totals are just too high. Just my opinion.

True, but he's always thrown a lot of interceptions. He's really no different now at 39 than he was at 25.

Less hair, I guess. :lol:

And no QB

Your QB has not proved to be the QB he suposed to be so I would be carefull about these postes if I were you. My opinion is Green took the same team to a better record the year previos than Hank did last year.

Wow, that's poetic.

Honestly, let's not beat the dead horse. Danny McManus isn't the QB he used to be. Naturally that comes with age. But I personally think they should try to younger at the position. YES he can throw touchdowns, but the amount of interceptions he throws is ridiculous. He hot picked over 30 times last season, thats almost a couple interceptions every game. That many turnovers will negate many scoring possibilities and lead to points for the other team. I'm not saying he's completely washed up, but he's not going to lead them to the promised land anymore, 1999 was a long time ago. And for a guy who is a veteran in this league, he should make much better decisions. he consistently throws into double and triple coverage, expecting, I dont know what. I don't know if Brady is the answer, maybe they should look into landing Maas.

I'd say the Saskatchewans have a pretty good offense this year because they got rid of Burris.

agreed, I was not imprest with Burris last year. He did show some signs of greatness, but overall was not imprest.

First of all, McManus threw 30, not over 30, interceptions last year. He also threw 29 touchdowns.
And I’ll say it one last time: he has ALWAYS thrown a lot of interceptions. He is older, and presumably slower, but he’s the same quarterback he was ten years ago: a slow runner who throws lots of interceptions to go with lots of touchdowns. Everyone said the same crap last year, but he still managed to throw for over 5000 yards, and to lead a team with a rookie-laden defence and no kicker to a 9-8-1 record.

Most improved in the 2005 season will be the Stamps has much to my dismay

Watch Ken Yon Ramob he is already turning a few heads at camp.