most improved in 2005

so what do you think...
most improved offense
most improved defense
most improved special teams
most improved overall

can be due to new players coming in, new coaches, or new found health...

i say

yes i am biased but i think i am close to accurate.

I'd say overall would be Calgary.

Based on last year, yes I would say Calgary. But that means nothing when you start with nothing.

As much as Calgary would be the obvious choice, just remember, Burris has only one decent season under his belt. He has yet to be proven as a full time leader of a CFL team yet. Unless he can get his mental cramps under control, once again its going to have to be the Stamps defense that wins them games.

Overall I would have to say WPG, just because of the depth at certain positions they now have. Just looking at the QB situation, having three young and very capable guys that could all have breakout years. Not to mention a receiving core that got larger and faster (Breedlove, McGarity, and Sutherland), as well as the depth at returner (Stokes, McGarity, and Sutherland) and a much improved secondary.

No offense to Calgary, but they made no where near the changes for the better than QPG did.

i thought about calgary as well for overall but their defense was good last year and i think if anything it is worse this year but close to the same. that is why i didn't think they beat winnipeg for overall. both teams look dramatically better than last year though.

You Winnipeggers are funny men... Your team was the one that got the less improvement in the West, but you are all happy like dolphins in a kool-aid pond. Good for you... I like your attitude...

The most improved team has to be Calgary, because they landed big names. But I warn anyone to believe that Burris is the answer at QB, he had one solid season, and I don't know if he can lead them to the promised land. Although I could be wrong

Hey Third,

Joe Fleming, Scott Regimbold & Wes Lysack for Jones and Bowles. Oh wait. Is Bowles even over there anymore. Who cares. He sucked.


Calgary ,Ottawa, Hamilton............

I would all teams in the league signed players in the offseason that could/will help them. We can guess all we want, but until they strap on helmets and get it going I don’t think we can truly say who has improved.

Calgary added a couple big names and both those guys should help. I agree they might have the inside track on this, but whose to say that the talent we don’t know about yet in Winnepeg or Hamilton or pick-your-team is not better and improves that club more overall.


When I said Calgary was the most improved it was not based on the players they have or have not signed, it was mostly based on there new owner ship and coaching staff.

I say Ottawa because things could not possibly get worse. Oh wait, they could, since they got worse last year compared to the year before. Sigh!

Calgary, all they have to do is win 1 game more than last year. which they will, but that all they will do :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Saskatchewan. Tthey're the most improved in the category "Most likely to be in the basement". I've never seen a team be so inactive in the off season.

Calgary Upgraded in key spots and will improve overall.

Edmonton got better where they needed to get better. Who used to say that you are only as good as your weakest player? Edmonton improved in those areas and will be a force with BC this year.

riders have just kept a solded team they r the best :slight_smile:

I would say Calgary will probably be the most improved team, basically because they were so bad last year. Say what you want about Burris, I'll take him over Kevin "My-Dad's-The-Owner-So-If-You-Don't-Let-Me-Play-I'll-Take-My-Ball-And-Go-Home" Feterik and Tom "It's-Not-Unusual-To-Fumble-In-Fieldgoal-Range-On-The-Second-To-Last-Play-And-Blow-The-Game" Jones.

Ottawa will improve, but not much. The ownership issue has hurt them in the off season, and they didn't really do much to improve over last year's horrid showing.

I believe Hamilton is improving, not in huge leaps and bounds, but rather on a steady pace. They had 9 wins and a tie last year, they'll probably get 10 or 11 wins this year, and possibly a home playoff game.

Toronto may get a better record, but how much can they really improve when they're the Grey Cup champions?

If B.C. improves, it'll be on defence, where they struggled last year, especially in the early going.

I think the rest of the teams will do something similar to what they did last year.

I think Edmonton quietly improved a lot, and then with the addition of Ricky Ray, they really improved teh talent. They still may rely too much on aging veterans, who might (or might not have) lost a step.

Hard to say at this point until we see some games who is most improved, but I question those who think Hamilton has improved over last season. Only major additions they have made are Brazzell and Dunbrack.

Last year they had a great defensive line with Montford and Cheatwood on the ends, Belli and Scott at tackle; they've lost both those ends (time will tell if Cotton can be a force), and are once again going with Danny Mac, another year older and another step slower; I forsee a step back for the Cats this year, unless they wise up, put Danny out to pasture and hand the ball to Brady.

Or, pick up Stanley Jackson!!!!!!!!!! :smiley: :smiley:

--Yeah that was a horrible trade for sure. He basically gave Malbrough to the 'Gades last year too. Hence why the new owners absolutely cleared house in the Stampeders office. I liked Dunigan as a coach, but as a GM he was retarded.