Most ignored rule by CFL officials

I think this is the most ignored rule:

[url=][/url] [url=][/url] [b]Article 4 — Unnecessary Roughness[/b] A player shall be penalized for any act of unnecessary roughness against an opponent, including but not limited to:

(a) Piling by a player who, in an unnecessarily rough manner, falls upon the ball carrier after the play has been terminated. Any player in possession of the ball, who falls to the ground without contact and is not attempting to advance the ball, may only be touched down and may not be contacted in any other manner

I’ll bet it happens on every other play. Ball carrier is stopped, and a defender comes flying in to apply a hit after the guy is on the ground - as though the incremental half-inch of forward progress is a matter of life and death.

I agree that the hit after a player is clearly down is dangerous, frequently causing ‘dings’ if not injury. On the other hand, ball carriers, especially receivers, typically roll forward after going down, or stretch out the arm with the ball to extend the yardage. And referees typically mark the ball, not the initial point of contact of the player. If the knee is the first contact point, players can stretch out another two to three yards by extending the ball to its farthest point. For me, that is what encourages the defender to come flying in to make that second, seemingly late hit.

It’s that whole silly “break the plane” with the ball mentality being applied all over the field that has created the situation.

The most ignored rule by CFL officials was ignored, once again, on that play (TD by Irons):

Copied from the 2019 CFL Rule Book, Rule 7 - Fouls & Penalties, Section 1 - illegal Tactics:

Article 6 — Tandem Blocking
It shall be illegal to assist the forward progress of a ball carrier by providing impetus from behind or in front of the ball carrier.

This was a really interesting post from OttawaCat that started a good discussion that I thought deserved it’s own thread outside of the Offensive Line thread. I have mixed up the order, so appologies to everyone reading. OttawaCat’s post was first - then Pat’s

most ignored/dumbest penalty in the rule book^^^

Pass Interference on Hail Mary’s.

  1. Years ago league said “catchability” ie overthrows etc. would be factored in on PI calls and absolutely nothing changed.

  2. “Taunting”.

Dress code rules are still in the Rule Book and I don’t recall ANY of these EVER being flagged:

Any player’s chinstrap must be completely fastened prior to the snap.
PENALTY: L10 PBD. The offending player shall be required to leave the game for three plays.

Article 7 — Dress Code

A team is required to dress in a professional manner and shall be subject to penalty if a player fails to comply with the following requirements:

PENALTY:L10PBDThe offending player shall be required to leave the game for a minimum of three plays and shall not be permitted to return until the dress code violation has been remedied. Substitution for the player shall be allowed.

For some unknown reason, I can’t get the following to copy into my post above regarding Dress Code violations:

A team is required to dress in a professional manner and shall be subject to penalty if a player fails to comply with the following requirements:

The team jersey shall be tucked inside the top of the pants and shall remain tucked in throughout the game. If the jersey is pulled out during the game, the player shall be required to tuck it in during a break in the play.
Uniform stockings shall be worn in such manner that no part of the player’s knee or leg is exposed.
Protective gear shall be worn underneath the team jersey, pants and stockings. When a short-sleeved jersey is worn, the color of protective gear on the elbow or lower arm shall be the same as one of the basic colors of the team.
The team uniform shall not be cut away or altered in any manner whatsoever.
White tape may be used on wrists and hands, but tape used on stockings or any part of the uniform shall be the same color as the uniform or equipment it covers.

60 years a CFL fan and I had no idea!!!

I was wondering about this. I always thought you couldn’t help from the front (i.e. pull the player), but you could push. At what point does the refs consider the player in the grasp and blow the play dead? The only thing I can think of is they were pushing the line, not the player per se. Highly unlikely, but maybe.

What’s interesting is when the defence pushes a ball carrier back, they blow the whistle and give forward progress. They don’t allow the defence to keep going.

How are the officials supposed to distinguish between a player pushing his teammate forward, and a player pushing the opposing players in a pile backward? I suspect that the only time they’d call this is when a player pushes his teammate when not in contact with an opponent. Or possibly if one heaves the ballcarrier over a pile on short yardage.

The most ignored penalty is Holding. Beyond doubt. I’ve seen it time and again on the line where it’s interfered with the play and doesn’t get called. It’s got to be absolutely and painfully obvious to get called

I have seen dress code penalties before, usually against the Cats. That must be why I remember them being called.

It has been quite awhile since the last time I’ve seen it called. Some player are starting to look sloppy out there.

Could you imagine the outrage in the stadium if Proulx threw a flag for a “Dress code violation - 'Amilton”…People would lose their minds.

I’m sure there a few “Hey, tuck your jersey back in before your next series”, or “buckle up that chin strap” moments that we don’t get to hear.

Imagine if the chin strap rule was enforced, on a QB, at a key moment in a game – the team is penalized 10 yds. and the player is out for 3 plays.

You would think they would be sticklers for the chinstraps. I’ve seen it more in the NFL, but QBs having 3/4 snaps buckled up, and then have a helmet ripped off during a sack. With all the emphasis on safety and preventing concussions, you would think they would be all over these guys to be wearing the equipment properly. All the fancy, shock absorbing designs won’t do anything when they aren’t fastened up.

The Centre tilting the ball forward immediately prior to the snap…

And frustratingly, only seems to get called on crucial plays, punts, and the “highlight? type plays! IMO, holding happens on pretty well every play, but is usually called only when the hold occurs on the sides or shoulders. I’ve heard defensive players actually explain that they wear tight sweaters, and cut off their sleeves to give O-linemen less to grasp.

The Waggle!!

A few years ago there was an epidemic of helmets popping off in the CFL. There was a some hand-wringing in the media about what the cause might be, and whether it had something to do with helmet designs, skull caps, etc. Then the CFL got strict about not allowing players to continue to participate in the play if their helmet comes off (and making the ball dead as soon as a ball-carrier loses his helmet), and magically the helmets stopped popping off. The reasonable explanation is that prior to the crackdown, either teams were allowing players to be outfitted in helmets that weren’t tight enough, or players weren’t buckling them down tight enough, or both.

3DN published a story today about Mike Reilly shaving off his beard after BC’s 0-2 start, and taking 8 sacks over that span. They talk about the luck/superstition/symbolic aspect of it, but part of me wonders if Reilly just realizes he’s going to get knocked around a lot in the pocket this year, and losing the Grizzly Adams beard will make it easier to keep his helmet on straight.